Oh, look–more vlog…

Only this one is about New York, which is where I live, so it is most important of all of them.


I mean… Well, actually, that IS what I mean.

Video by Michael Castro

Although it does not start in NYC. First there is food, and some food, and some more food; then there is a long, long drive; and THEN there is New York! In which commuting to NYC is exciting (not actually exciting–it’s just New Jersey) (no offense, New Jersey), there is Penn Station (definitely not glamorous), there is a subway (not as exciting as you’d think) (you should not have to pay twice to turn around, definitely not), and there is giving up on the subway. (So much for exciting New York travel.) Then there is Rockefeller Center (I used to walk through there on the way to work), and more food, and more coffee, and interesting meetings, and Times Square (Times Square is exciting ALL the time), and Carnegie Hall (Carnegie Hall is not always exciting), and Central Park (Central Park is a BIG PARK, that is just a little corner of Central Park).

Perhaps there will be more New York City next vlog–something to look forward to!

Vlog roundup

From Michael–

First, Grand Opening with DNCE: In which the gang goes to the opening of Nellie’s Southern Kitchen (yes, there is food) (and we see a bit of DNCE’s performance) (and several other performers, too) (watch and find out). Also there is a water fight!

Video by Michael Castro

Second, Leaving for Tour!!: In which there is a tour of the RV (sort of), doing many various mechanical-like things to the RV (hey, Michael, they make special fin combs for a.c. units) (also a raw potato is good for getting broken bulbs out of a socket), a (late) preview of tee shirts, and soccer. And the tour begins!

Video by Michael Castro

Third, Chicago Deep Dish!: In which we see some RV life (it is not all glamour). (Jason! Put down the phone while driving!) (And at least get a traveling mug.) (AND PUT DOWN THE PHONE!) And there is food, of course–in the RV (Jackie cooks alot) and not in the RV.

Video by Michael Castro

(I think We are The People that are being talked to.)

Last, First Show with Delta Rae!!: In which Jackie keeps on cooking, Michael finds his shirt, we go backstage at The Ark, there is a SHOW (we do not get to see the show) (but we get a look at the merch) (and we hear a little of Delta Rae’s show), there is Green Room graffiti, and there is more RV life. And there is food. Of course there is.

Video by Michael Castro

ETA: After last (because it’s a day later), Jackie’s take on Nellie’s Grand Opening: In which everyone vlogs, there are many places to eat and much food (wait–isn’t that Michael’s Thing?), there is horizontal rehearsal, and there is Grand Opening music (see above) and food (see above) and Jonases.

Video by Jackie Castro

ETAA After after-last, one more from Michael–RV Band Practice + New Song: In which more coffee is obtained, a campsite is visited, RV life is still not all glamour, Michael wants Buffalo wings but without wings, and there is another show–or there will be. AND yes! There is practice, and it is of a song not on the EP (although we have heard it in bootleg, so not entirely new to us). With lip syncing by Jason!

Video by Michael Castro

(Oh, and Jackie? It IS safe to go to Israel! I have tons of family living there, it is scary but much scarier looking at it from the US and much less scary when you are there. GO, IT IS AWESOME!!!)

And here’s another from the Wabac Machine*

In which Michael has a birthday! Also there is a show (which we get to see a very little of) (but we do get some behind-the-scenes stuff!) and there is a traveling (EYES ON THE ROAD AND HANDS ON THE WHEEL, JASON!!!).

Video by Michael Castro

And there is, it goes without saying, food.

…I’ve definitely decided it’s a thing.


*Yes, I am old enough to remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. IT’S A CLASSIC, OKAY? Also, get off my lawn.

While we wait for “Diamond Dreams” to go on sale

…how about another Nashville vlog from Michael?

In which a video is shot (we do not get to see the video), cities-are-cities (i.e. noisy), songs are mixed (we hear a little of one song)…and RVs are shopped for!

Video by Michael Castro

And, of course, food. Lots of food. (It does has to be a thing, right?)

We get a new Jason vlog, too!

In which Hazel turns one year old! Also magnolia silos are visited (Why? I do not know. They are big silos.), Hazel gets gifts, a wedding is attended, Madeline-is-adorable, there are peacocks, and Hazel has a party because BIRTHDAY.

Video by Jason Castro.

And there is CAKE!


ETA: In case you, too, were wondering about magnolia silos, I asked:

And now we know. (HGTV ftw!)

More behind-the-scenes from Jackie

In which there is a dawn shoot, the are cool locations, siblings-are-siblings, there are meetings, there is a show (which we do not get to see), Madeline-is-adorable, there is a diet…ish…thing, and there is grocery shopping.

Video by Jackie Castro.

Oh, yeah, and we find out which songs were videoed!

(Watch it and you’ll find out. I can’t tell you EVERYTHING!)