And here’s another from the Wabac Machine*

In which Michael has a birthday! Also there is a show (which we get to see a very little of) (but we do get some behind-the-scenes stuff!) and there is a traveling (EYES ON THE ROAD AND HANDS ON THE WHEEL, JASON!!!).

Video by Michael Castro

And there is, it goes without saying, food.

…I’ve definitely decided it’s a thing.


*Yes, I am old enough to remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. IT’S A CLASSIC, OKAY? Also, get off my lawn.

While we wait for “Diamond Dreams” to go on sale

…how about another Nashville vlog from Michael?

In which a video is shot (we do not get to see the video), cities-are-cities (i.e. noisy), songs are mixed (we hear a little of one song)…and RVs are shopped for!

Video by Michael Castro

And, of course, food. Lots of food. (It does has to be a thing, right?)

We get a new Jason vlog, too!

In which Hazel turns one year old! Also magnolia silos are visited (Why? I do not know. They are big silos.), Hazel gets gifts, a wedding is attended, Madeline-is-adorable, there are peacocks, and Hazel has a party because BIRTHDAY.

Video by Jason Castro.

And there is CAKE!


ETA: In case you, too, were wondering about magnolia silos, I asked:

And now we know. (HGTV ftw!)

More behind-the-scenes from Jackie

In which there is a dawn shoot, the are cool locations, siblings-are-siblings, there are meetings, there is a show (which we do not get to see), Madeline-is-adorable, there is a diet…ish…thing, and there is grocery shopping.

Video by Jackie Castro.

Oh, yeah, and we find out which songs were videoed!

(Watch it and you’ll find out. I can’t tell you EVERYTHING!)