“Automatic” Acoustic Video!

Right now it’s up exclusively at Twist Magazine‘s website, so hop over there and have a look/listen–lovely!


(Sorry if the screenshot fooled anyone. Since it is exclusive I won’t bring the video here until tomorrow because reasons.)

Go! And don’t forget to leave a thumbs-up and/or comment on YouTube. Also, be good to your friends and share the piece-cum-video with your Face-Friends and fellow tweeters.

ETA: And here’s the actual video:

Video by Castro

Here’s more music!

Video by ONE ON ONE

Awesome acoustics there, for sure!

(And don’t forget to grab a Spotify listen or two. Since, you know, you’re on the interwebs anyway.)

But wait, there’s more: THREE SONGS!

Automatic, Diamond Dreams (same as above, I think), and Rock and Roll

Video by ONE ON ONE



Thanks for the find, Jasonized!

Did you miss the YouNow live broadcast?

Well, we have you covered! There’s a replay HERE, behind that clicky link there. (Or click on the screengrab, same difference.)


When you get there, click on the “REPLAYS” tab. You’ll see a bunch of videos to replay–for the one with actual sound, click on the one that is 29:37 long. And that’s it!

(And if you missed it, you DO want to listen to the replay–they sang “Diamond Dreams” and “Automatic”!)

Happy Birthday from Copia, too, Hazel!

Video by Jason (or more properly Mandy) Castro

And the note from Jason reads:

In honor of Hazel’s first birthday my wife put together this video celebrating her first year here!

Thank you for sharing this preciousness with us, Jason and Mandy (and big sister Madeline sings beautifully). Hazel, we at Copia wish you the happiest birthday and a year full of joy to follow!