A little snippet from Friday night…

Plus there’s this little Facebook Live thing, now taped:

If more bootleg from this show surfaces, it will be posted!

Yay, more bootleg!

These are from Nashville, with thanks to Copian fayemcd–thank you, Faye!

“Rock and Roll”:

Video by macfae

“Head to My Heart”:

Video by macfae

“Waters of Jordan”:

Video by macfae


Video by macfae

“Hearts Coming Home”:

Video by macfae

“Good For You”:

Video by macfae


Video by macfae

Faye also wrote us a great recap, so check that out in our forums!

The tour continues

Never pass up good ice cream…

🍦🍭🌞💋 see you soon, Little Rock!

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or good music!

Makin' memories in Memphis. No better way to make our Memphis debut than to perform at the @moonriverfestival !!!

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Kicking off the final day of @moonriverfestival with @castrotheband! #moonriverfest #memphis #ilovemyjob

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Loved hearing "Automatic" live at #moonriverfest from @castrotheband !!!

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Great start to the day with @castrotheband and @davidramirez! @moonriverfestival

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Dallas, TX (Sept. 9)

DALLAS!! See u tonight @hobdallas! Doors @ 7 we go on at 8!

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Since there were some Copians in the house (WOO HOO, Becky, Winnie, and Brenda–thank you so much for sharing!) we have bootlegs:

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Winnie has a lovely long video from their set on Facebook–it was a live feed, but I don’t know how to bring it here, so you’ll have to click over. DO ITTTT! It’s here and also here, and the sound is very good. Thanks, Winnie!

New acoustic “Rock ‘n’ Roll” video!


Oops! That’s just an image. The video is (for now) exclusive to Crave, so you’ll have to click over there to hear and see it–but that’s fine, because there’s a nice little piece to go with:

[T]he intimate black and white video shows Castro’s gorgeous three-part harmonies as they seamlessly trade-off the powerhouse lead vocals as if they’re passing the salt at a family dinner.

For the rest of the article and the video, click on through!


And now the video is no longer exclusive, so you can listen here, too:

Video by Castro

You’ve pre-ordered the Diamond Dreams EP, right?

Of course you did!*

Well, then, you have a new download waiting for you: “Rock and Roll”. Go download it right away! (Also, in case it is worrying you, it is perfectly legal to buy the single in addition to the EP. Or gifting someone with it. I checked.)

A new video of “Rock and Roll” is coming soon. But until then, you can watch the original:

Video by Castro

AND you can listen on Spotify. … You SHOULD listen on Spotify!

*If by some odd combination of circumstances you haven’t gotten your order in yet, do it now and get all three singles at once!

The official Castro website

Here’s more music!

Video by ONE ON ONE

Awesome acoustics there, for sure!

(And don’t forget to grab a Spotify listen or two. Since, you know, you’re on the interwebs anyway.)

But wait, there’s more: THREE SONGS!

Automatic, Diamond Dreams (same as above, I think), and Rock and Roll

Video by ONE ON ONE



Thanks for the find, Jasonized!

CASTRO at the Hotel Café, continued

More bootleg, more new songs!

Crying Wolf:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Bonus banter! (I’m not sure which song this comes before. All opinions welcome.)

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Good for You:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Rock and Roll:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

And last, Jason soloing on “Hallelujah”:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

…Beautiful. That’s how it’s done, folks.

Many, many thanks, SnapCracklyPop, whoever you are!

CASTRO The Band at the Hotel Cafe, L.A., Apr. 5

We have photos, tweets, bootleg-lets, and whole song bootleg!

@castrotheband performing at @thehotelcafe tonight!!

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Brooke White was at the show last night:

Here’s a bootleg-let from “Rock and Roll”:

Another bootleg-let, this one from Diamond Dreams:

Love love ❤️ @castrotheband @jackie_castro @jasoncastromusic @mcastromusic 🙌🏻

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And there are whole songs!

Diamond Dreams:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hello (Adele cover):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hearts Coming Home (this one is new to us!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Waters of Jordan (another new one!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

That is some beautiful stuff, am I right? If, like me, you have them on repeat, go drop a thank you to the videographers, without whom.


(Thanks for all the links, Jasonized and Sandy! Also many thanks to SnapCracklyPop and Louella for the vids!)