Another album review

From [W]ith Only A Mountain, [Jason Castro] has come into his own. His songwriting has matured, his music has grown more robust and varied, and his performance is consistently passionate and energetic. If listeners embrace it, Only A Mountain could be a breakthrough album for a bright new talent. Check out the full song-by-song

Psst…want some sneak peeks?

Or sneak listens, anyway? Well, then!: Even better, Spotify also has tracks of commentary from Jason about each song, so you really don’t want to pass that up! Still want more? No problem! Check out’s Inside the Album on “Only a Mountain”. It’s the same person talking about the same songs, so it’s similar

Review time

There’s a nice review of Jason’s full album on One of the most important songs on this record is “Enough.” A beautifully crafted piano ballad, “Enough” is Castro ode to Madeline (his one year-old daughter), telling her that she herself is enough for him to love her. Seriously, this is more than just a

A couple of bits and pieces

If you follow Jason on Twitter (and if not, why not? He’s right here!), you might recall seeing this tweet: @jasoncastro THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! @UkuleleMandi singin’ “Only A Mountain” (And do follow the link to the video, because it is.) Well, Ukulele Mandi’s mom put up a blog