Plano Magazine was at the Toyota Texas Music Revolution

…and they have a very careful recap of the event. Starting with:

Castro // photo Jennifer Shorter


I started my TTMR adventure on Saturday with Castro, the family band formed by American Idol alum Jason Castro and his siblings Michael and Jackie. The band is the perfect spring and summer band, with a pop/folk vibe (a la The Lumineers) and honest, intimate lyrics. […]

The band didn’t just play, though. They performed. […]

And those songs! […] The Castros have distinct vocals, but somehow each song sounded like a “Castro” song. The trio were also super personable and took the time after the show to shake hands and take dozens of snapshots with fans.


To read the parts I elided, not to mention the recap of the rest of the event, hop on over to (where you can also see the photo above full size). And keep scrolling down, because there are lots more photos at the bottom of the article!

ETA: Oh, don’t leave yet! Check out the mag’s recap video–I’m liking the soundtrack especially:

Video by Plano Magazine



A “don’t miss” interview piece from Billboard

Jason on touring with his sibs:

[…] Jason says he couldn’t be happier.

“There’s no one else I’d rather travel with,” Castro tells Billboard. “Truth is, being on the road is a challenge for anybody with anybody and being with family kind of makes it a lot easier. It at least makes it feel a bit more like home, and I’m just excited to share this whole process with them.”

Check out the full article on (It’s really good!)

Artist Spotlight

There’s a nice band profile on The Hudsucker:

Touching on themes such as dreaming big, finding happiness, and loving someone unrequitedly. Diamond Dreams is sure to have a song for every listener. As Jason states, that is Castro’s ultimate mission as makers of music: “Music has the power to transform a day, and the power to define a time. That’s our goal: to be that for somebody. To be the song.”

Be sure to click through and read the rest of it!

Another article/interview about Only a Mountain

This one is from

Its eleven original tracks–all written or co-written by Castro–are primed to appeal to fans both old and new, whether they discovered his unique voice via his captivating run on American Idol, or have found their lives touched by one of his melodic, heartfelt performances in the years since.

For the full piece, go here.

And still more media attention…

From Indie Vision Music:

Jason’s signature acoustic-pop sound is a great addition to January 2013, with Only A Mountain one of the most lyrically rich and musically relevant releases of the year

The full review is over here.

An interview and performance on Fox’s Good Day NY:

New York News | NYC Breaking News

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Media attention for “Only a Mountain”

From USA Today’s Idol Chatter:

If you still think of Jason Castro as the easygoing folkie from American Idol, his new album may surprise you. For one thing, the dreadlocked singer from the show’s seventh season has picked up an electric guitar. For another, Only a Mountain — out today — depicts a young man more familiar with life’s struggles than he was three years ago when he released his first album.

For more, including an interview, go to


Castro’s contemporary christian direction on Only a Mountain is readily enjoyable by all.

For the full piece, go to

From Rhapsody:

Only a Mountain finds this American Idol alum continuing to work hard to earn his place, proving he has plenty to offer beyond his trademark dreadlocks and blue eyes.

For more–plus a chance to listen to all the songs on the album–check out Rhapsody

From Jam the City:

Castro, currently in the midst of a busy Winter Jam tour, hits New York City this week for a number of media visits to celebrate the album. Today, he stops by “The Better Show” to perform his current single “Only A Mountain” (to air nationally January 21) and SiriusXM’s “The Message.” Wednesday is packed with visits to FOX News Radio, ABC’s “What’s The Buzz” and “Access Hollywood.”

(I hope he brought running shoes!) For the rest of the piece, go to

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Castro displays a level of ambition and confidence that weren’t foreshadowed by sweet but low-key renditions of “Over the Rainbow” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on “Idol.”

Full review at Tap Milwaukee

From The Christian Music Junkie:

His voice is very unique, comparable to that of Aaron Gillespie, where no matter what he sings he will put his spin on it vocally.

Full review at Christian Music Junkie

From the Hollywood Reporter:

The title track, co-written by Seth Mosley and Mia Fieldes, offers the listener a message of hope and a promise that joy may be found in the “midst of trials.” Says Castro: “There is a reason it is the first single and the title track. […] I love the playfulness of the song. It’s only a mountain. These problems are not what they seem. When we are in the moment and we are having problems, we think it’s the end of the world, and you get a few steps down the road and realize, that no, it wasn’t.”

For the full article, see

From Releaselog:

On Only A Mountain, internationally-renowned recording artist, Jason Castro really comes into his own and reveals strengthened musical chops in addition to a new-found polish and confidence.

Review continues on

From the Examiner:

Only a Mountain, which also shows off Castro’s guitar chops on an electric (and not his mainstay acoustic), just might become Castro’s breakout album.

Read the rest at

From SJD–Music for Christian Living:

The majority of Jason’s performance on Only A Mountain perfectly showcases his trademark acoustic pop vibe, such as in the catchy title track, the freeway melody “Starting Line”, and the touching “Same King Of Broken [ft. Moriah Peters]“.

Full review at SJD: Music for Christian Living

From Jesus Freak Hideout:

In the end, Only A Mountain fits sonically with other Idol alumnus’ albums […], but still shines brightly in spots and points to Castro having a long career ahead of him.

Read the rest at JesusFreakHideout

A video review from Stereotude (Jason’s bit starts at about 0:40):

Video by Stereotude

And a whole trove of photos from @TouchTunes from Jason’s visit there yesterday:

For the rest of the pix, go to TouchTunes Facebook page. (Do!)

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Review from Spin

While Castro’s debut CD may have been entitled “Who I Am,” with the release of “Only a Mountain” he really begins to show us just exactly who he is–an incredibly gifted musician and songwriter with a bright and compelling future ahead of him.

Sure can’t argue with that!

For the full song-by-song review, click on over to Spin: The Blog.

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Another album review


[W]ith Only A Mountain, [Jason Castro] has come into his own. His songwriting has matured, his music has grown more robust and varied, and his performance is consistently passionate and energetic. If listeners embrace it, Only A Mountain could be a breakthrough album for a bright new talent.

Check out the full song-by-song rundown at the website!

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