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We must be in L.A. Because I just saw @MileyCyrus and @LiamHemsworth grocery shopping @ErewhonNatural — Jason Castro (@jasoncastro) June 19, 2017   Thank you for an amazing concert experience @CastroTheBand @JacobWhitesides @iamtaylorgrey — Vivi (@VIVIFYING_) June 20, 2017   ok these guys opened for jacob tonight and i legit was blown away by

Things ‘n’ stuff from Dallas and Waco

can we just talk about @CastroTheBand for a second?? bc WOW thank u for blessing my ears😊 — basically em • 48 (@joyfuljacob_) June 17, 2017   @CastroTheBand is so good y'all — space case madi👽 (@kbyetucker) June 17, 2017   my favorite family since the jonas brothers — angie (@indigoangie) June 17,