Roundup time!

Sorry I fell behind a bit (Look, I had a deadline. Deadlines are like that.) but think of it as something of a bonanza instead. Now, aren’t you excited?

So there was a party:

and a show:

(We do not, at this point in time, get to see any of the show.)

Nashville, here they come!

(Awww, she’s such a big girl now!)

and NEW MUSIC IS BEING MADE! Jackie did a Facebook live, that we can see not-live

from their music label’s offices. That is actually quite cool, so be sure to watch.

And collaborations are happening:



I mean, it would be nice to hear a few bits from their writing sessions, don’t you think?

Some more from SXSW

Nice picture! (But where’s the bootleg?) (What do you mean, there’s no bootleg?!?!) (If you see any bootleg, let me know, please…)

There’s also a really nice review from Jillian Pedersen from Spirit 105.9:

I did hear a clip of their live performance. Their harmonies meld together so perfectly in a way only musically talented siblings are able to do. So, if you’re looking for new music with incredible vocals and encouraging words, look no further than Castro.

But of course!

For the rest of the piece, click on the nice clicky link I made for you here.

(You know, you could have read this hours ago if you were following Castro on Twitter. I’m just sayin’.)

Also! SXSW’s YouTube channel has the “Automatic” video up as “Showcasing Artist 2017”:

Video posted by SXWS

I wanna be at SXSW, too!

(And if you’d only Like/Follow Castro’s Facebook page, you wouldn’t need me to know all this stuff. MAKE IT SO!)

More from the Grammer/DeGraw tour…

Also there’s a bunch of great photos at (Sorry, I can’t bring them over, but you can look at them there!)

Live in The Vineyard

Kicking off @liveinthevineyard with our sweet friends @johnnyswim! So great seeing you beautiful people!

A photo posted by CASTRO (@castrotheband) on

Enjoying our first stop of the day on the beautiful grounds of @lianaestates

A photo posted by Jason Castro (@jasoncastromusic) on

“Don’t Stop”!:


Thanks for the bootleg link, jasonnnfan!