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Don’t miss Jason’s featured performance in “The Perfect Summer”, airing this weekend on UPtv.

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July 13th – 7, 9 & 11 PM ET
July 14th – 7, 9 & 11 PM ET

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ETA: AND there’s an audio interview with Sydney Penny, one of the stars of the flick over on the What’s Up in Willmywood website, and she talks about Jason (among other things)!


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And still more about Jason in The Perfect Summer

From Buddy TV, an interview with both Jason and Eric Roberts:

Jason, is it true that when the script was being written, they kept you in mind for this role?

Jason: It is true. And I’m very thankful for it. This is my first acting piece and it really helps a lot that it’s a character that I can relate to that’s similar to me, making the process a whole lot easier for me.

For the full interview, which you do NOT want to miss, check out the Buddy TV website.

From Music News Nashville:

[T]he concept for the script was based around Castro after Wheeler and Word Records selected him as the perfect artist to joint venture a film around. “Making ‘The Perfect Summer’ was such an incredible experience that I cannot wait to share with the world,” said Castro. “The cast and crew were amazing to work with. Also, I am delighted that several songs from my new CD are used in the film. I hope everyone enjoys it!”

The full article can be found at Music News Nashville.

From JesusFreakHideout:

In the inspirational sun-and-surf family drama, […] [Castro] takes on the role of Cody, the local surf shop owner. Several of his songs will also be featured on “The Perfect Summer” soundtrack. On July 11, Castro, who recently wrapped up a co-headlining tour with Ryan Cabrera, is scheduled to embark on a week-long expedition with “I am Second” to Colombia, South America. This fall he can be seen on Matthew West’s “Into the Light Tour” which will also feature label mates Sidewalk Prophets.

The full article is on the JesusFreakHideout website.

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And a third piece on Jason in The Perfect Summer

This from Starry Constellation Magazine:

Q) How did you get involved with the film The Perfect Summer?

A) I had never had it in mind to pursue acting. I’m not an actor and I’ve never done any acting. I felt like it would be quite a challenge. The way this movie came about was really cool. I think everyone in the back of their mind wants to be in a movie. When this opportunity came, it was first about the music; the idea of having some songs in a movie and then it was maybe I should be in the movie. So, they ended up writing a lot of the script inspired by my songs. My actual role was written specifically for me, which I think made all the difference in my experience. With my introduction to acting, I didn’t have to stretch too far to be a surfer dude. It was really an amazing experience and something unlike anything I’ve ever done. I just enjoyed every second of it.

For the rest, hop on over to Starry Constellation Magazine–lots more to read!

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Another piece about Jason in The Perfect Summer

This one on

Castro plays Cody, the local surf shop owner who’s ready to dispense a little advice when necessary.

“I always thought, if I ever did any acting, it would have to be something close to who I am, because it’s not like I have a lot of range,” he says. […]

“But as I read this script, it sounded like somebody I could actually be, living on a beach and being a peacemaker type of guy who reaches out to help kids. I grew up skateboarding, not surfing, because we don’t have any beaches here in Dallas. […]

“And I’m still actively skateboarding with the neighborhood kids and spending time with them. So I definitely relate to that, especially at this stage in my life, because I’m kind of the older guy now.”

To read the whole article, click on through.

Thanks for the find, Jasonized! interview with Jason!’s Surfing guide, Jay DiMartino, posted an excellent interview with Jason about his role as the surf shop owner in the upcoming film, The Perfect Summer:

Can you tell me a little bit about this character Cody that you play?

Yeah, I fell in love with this character because I relate to him so well. Cody could be Jason. I could be this surf shop owner. What I love most about him is that he is the calming force in between it all. He is the peace maker who genuinely cares about all the kids who come into his surf shop. And like in my current stage of life, I have a daughter now, and I hang out with all the neighborhood kids and take them down to the elementary school to skate, and their parents let me take them skating. I kind of play that same role here at home in Dallas and I just feel really connected to this role.

For the full interview (and it’s a good one!) click on over to

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