Happy Birthday, McLovin!

McLovin – I’m not gonna lie. We miss you. So consider this the Happy Birthday/Wish You Were Here playlist of 2010. Happy Birthday, McLovin! Wish You Were Here   1. Del Shannon – My Little Runaway Remember when we put together a playlist of songs to give to Michael Castro in case he made it

The McLovin Non-Shuffle

As February is Black History Month, today’s Non-shuffle is a celebration of the contribution of Black artists to the landscape of American Music, which would be little more than a vast prairie of nothingness if not for their work and influence. This playlist could have easily been a couple hundred songs long, but I forced

McLemon’s Best Songs of 2009

It’s that time of year when it seems like every asshole with a blog comes up with a “Best of” list for something or other — books, movies, music. So we were thinking: a) Hey – *we’re* assholes with a blog! b) make that “assholes with a *music* blog” therefore c) we’re just as qualified