We’ve Got Google Alerts

I don’t normally post opinion blogs unless they kick ass, but it’s been kind of fun reading some of these smaller reviews of the EP over the last week so I thought I’d round them up. Who knows, someone might have missed one.

Have You Heard of Jason Castro?

The Noise Lounge (new guy fan!)

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion

NH Let’s Go Review

Ashley’s Infinite Playlist

And what would have been my favorite if he wasn’t cutting into Jason’s sales by giving away the EP. (Atlantic’s gonna get you….!)
well that was unexpected

A Nice Little Blog FTW

Like many of you, I get a lot of google alerts. Whenever I get a link to a blog instead of a credible news source, I try to check out the source and decipher first off, if it’s just one of you guys pimping your favorite artist and second, if there’s anything of substance in the content of the blog worth mention. For instance, if I see that Castrocopia is the source of the news alert, I don’t come running back here to post a blog about it (although not because the content isn’t spectacular.)

So today I got a blurb about a CD review on a blogspot called this-is-modern.net. I wasn’t familiar with this gem of a blog, but I am now. Founded by Tony Gisondi in 2000, this blog is designed to promote his favorite bands to the “fullest extent”.

The mission of the site is simple: to help music fans of all types find out about the new and exciting music that is out there, that they may not have otherwise heard about. The site promotes both well known and underground, independent, and unsigned artists. By connecting the site’s visitors to this wide array of artists, it allows them to make their own choices and assumptions based on the information set forth before them. You will never find a negative review on the site, nor will an artist be listed here if they hadn’t sparked the interest of the site’s creator.

I like this guy. A lot.

From what I can gather, he writes about 1 review per day, from arists stemming from John Butler Trio to Vampire Weekend. There are artists you probably know (Matt Hires, Sia, Brandi Carlile) and artists you may not be familiar with (The Disco Biscuits). So he’s proven to me, he’s a legitimate credible eclectic music freak.

It was with great pleasure that I read his review of Jason’s EP.

His mellow voice is going to take the world by storm just as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz have done.

Thanks Tony! You’re welcome at Castrocopia!

The Love Uncompromised: A Castrocopian Review

Where does one begin? We all are music ‘freaks’ and take our passion very seriously. Of course I have been a Jason booster , or whatever ya want to call it, since day 1. I tend to be very protective and overbearing when it comes to my music choices, all castrocopians are . I am speechless(almost,lol), proud , estactic, vindicated, but the most appropriate feeling is “humbled”. The journey from his church singing to this release is just the beginning, imagine his talent ‘aged’ and think of what is to come. As we have all said , Jason Castro is the real deal!! I promise this is the last time I will utter these words…”WE WERE SO FUCKING RIGHT AND THE AI FUCKWADS WERE SOOOOOOOO FUCKING WRONG”

arealdad, aka Daddio