Lemon Non-Shuffle

As is my wont, I asked for theme suggestions for the Tuesday playlist to help me narrow things down a bit. mar30mar came through with a bunch of great ideas. Two themes resonated with me: songs by girls with guitars and favorite cover songs. I liked both of these and wanted to narrow it down

Happy Birthday, McLovin!

McLovin – I’m not gonna lie. We miss you. So consider this the Happy Birthday/Wish You Were Here playlist of 2010. Happy Birthday, McLovin! Wish You Were Here   1. Del Shannon – My Little Runaway Remember when we put together a playlist of songs to give to Michael Castro in case he made it

Killer Duet Challenger: mar30mar

mar30mar challenged McLovin and me to find 5 “killer” duets each. We accepted her challenge but turned it back on her. She’s filled with some kind of nougat that I believe McLovin would call “awesome” and in fact, she’s covered in sauce of the same brand. So she took us up on our re-challenge (and

McLemon’s Killer Duets

Liz Lemon: Hey McLovin, mar30mar has challenged us to come up with a list of “killer” duets. For me, for you, a duet consists of two singers, not one, not three, but two. For the two singers to form a duet, they shall sing together, weaving their voices in beautiful harmony, not taking turns singing