Roundup time!

Sorry I fell behind a bit (Look, I had a deadline. Deadlines are like that.) but think of it as something of a bonanza instead. Now, aren’t you excited?

So there was a party:

and a show:

(We do not, at this point in time, get to see any of the show.)

Nashville, here they come!

(Awww, she’s such a big girl now!)

and NEW MUSIC IS BEING MADE! Jackie did a Facebook live, that we can see not-live

from their music label’s offices. That is actually quite cool, so be sure to watch.

And collaborations are happening:



I mean, it would be nice to hear a few bits from their writing sessions, don’t you think?

I wanna be at SXSW, too!

(And if you’d only Like/Follow Castro’s Facebook page, you wouldn’t need me to know all this stuff. MAKE IT SO!)

Dallas, TX (Sept. 9)

DALLAS!! See u tonight @hobdallas! Doors @ 7 we go on at 8!

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Since there were some Copians in the house (WOO HOO, Becky, Winnie, and Brenda–thank you so much for sharing!) we have bootlegs:

A video posted by Becky Vogt (@beckyqv) on

Winnie has a lovely long video from their set on Facebook–it was a live feed, but I don’t know how to bring it here, so you’ll have to click over. DO ITTTT! It’s here and also here, and the sound is very good. Thanks, Winnie!

Did you miss the YouNow live broadcast?

Well, we have you covered! There’s a replay HERE, behind that clicky link there. (Or click on the screengrab, same difference.)


When you get there, click on the “REPLAYS” tab. You’ll see a bunch of videos to replay–for the one with actual sound, click on the one that is 29:37 long. And that’s it!

(And if you missed it, you DO want to listen to the replay–they sang “Diamond Dreams” and “Automatic”!)

What are you doing tomorrow at 2PM EST?

Well, cancel that, what you want to be doing is this!

If you–like myself–had to ask yourself what YouNow is, that is just our ignorance. It’s a platform for live stream video chats, and you can sign up over here behind this YouNow clicky link, which is what I’m about to do. Then we’ll be all ready for tomorrow!

Live feed tonight!

You know that concert Jason is giving in Chico, CA? Yes, the one for Orphan Care International tonight (Sept. 12). Well, Winnie posted on Facebook that there will be a live feed for those of us who are locationally challenged. The concert starts at 7:00 pm PST, and the link for the live feed is here. (Be aware that it will be via cell phone, so expect the quality to be, well, that of a cell phone.)

Thanks for hosting it, Kali–and for letting us know, Winnie!

Live stream tonight!

For the Dallas Unsigned showcase that Jason is hosting tonight, that is–right here. (Click “here”. No, the first one.)

The show is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm Central time–which is 8:30 Eastern, 6:30 Mountain, and 5:30 Pacific. (If you live in a different time zone, you’re on your own.) These things are frequently saved, so if you miss some or all, we hope you’ll be able to catch it later. And we have a thread in our forum to discuss it before, during, and after, so come on in!

And please note–at the moment, what we have is a UStream address and word that they are going to try. No guarantees, just crossed fingers…

ETA: Jason’s dad, Rene, just tweeted that the showcase has begun and there’s no stream yet, so….Updates as I get ’em!

Thanks for the thread, oh_pook–and for the link, ArtTeacher!

All ready for Jason’s CD Release Party tomorrow?

Of course, we hope you’ll join us at B.B. King’s in person. But if by some misfortune you cannot make it to New York, you can still join the party at, where they will be streaming Jason’s performance live at 9:00 pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 9).

Be there! (One way or another.)

Thanks for letting us know about this, Jasonized!

Other options for catching Jason’s show tomorrow!

Can’t make it to NYC? As reported below, K-LOVE is streaming the concert live at 9:00 pm EST–and now we hear that NewReleaseTuesday is, too–

Oh, and NRT will be having a live chat with Jason after the show, at 11:30 pm EST! So whichever site you watch the show at, be sure to stop by NRT after and have a listen. Just use password CastroNRT to gain access.

AND…Jason tweeted that the show will also be streaming live on!

Isn’t it nice to have lottsa options?

Thanks to Same Cage and Kevin from NewReleaseTuesday for getting us all the details!