Frisco Rough Riders Aftergame Concert, Aug. 15

So Jason did an Aftergame Concert this past weekend at the Frisco Rough Riders Ballpark (hence the blog post title, duh), and there were Copians in da house, yay!

Beckyvee Periscoped the concert, but alas, those disappear themselves. Next time she graces us thusly I hope to get notice to you all ahead of time. However, for this show we’ll have to make do with tweets and Facebook posts such as these…

Sound checkin for Faith and Family Night @friscoroughriders!

Posted by Jason Castro on Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jason Castro! He was really good! But looks really different without the dreadlocks 🙂 but he was really good!

Posted by Jeremy Kye Peloquin on Saturday, August 15, 2015

(There are more in our forum, check ’em out.)

And did I mention? We have much bootleg, thanks to winnpoober/Winnie!

I Believe:

Video by winnpoober


Video by winnpoober


Video by winnpoober

(Pssst…There are three more videos after the jump, don’t miss ’em!)


Thanks for the Periscoping, Becky, for the wonderful bootlegging, Winnie, and for all the links, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!


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Acworth, GA, Aug. 9

Jason did a show at Wildwood Baptists Church this past Sunday, and our own misfit toys was there…and she brought back a great recap (check it out in our forum!) and SO MUCH bootleg!


Video by misfit toys

Good Love:

Video by misfit toys

That’s What I’m Here For:

Video by misfit toys

…and there are EIGHT MORE videos after the jump, so be sure to click through.

Thank you so much for bringing back all the goodies, misfit!
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Celebration, FL

We have photos, recaps, and bootleg of Jason’s performance in Celebration’s “A Countdown to Christmas” concert on Saturday, thanks to Copians in da house, whee!

Here’s a photo…

Photo by SameCage

For more pix plus awesome recaps, check out our forums. (I promise, they don’t bite!)

And as for bootleg…

Over the Rainbow:

Video by almagetty

Silent Night:

Video by almagetty


Video by Carmen Friguls

That’s What I’m Here For:

Video by Carmen Friguls

Intro to Let’s Just Fall in Love Again:

Video by Carmen Friguls

You Are:

Video by Carmen Friguls

White Christmas:

Video by Carmen Friguls

Silent Night and Hallelujah:

Video by Carmen Friguls

Thanks for the photos, recap, and bootleg, SameCage, for the super-recap and bootleg, chichi, and the mini (so far)-recap, jblue! Also thanks to ArtTeacher and Jasonized, as always, for bringing goodies back from the wilds of the internet…

Anyone going to be in Norway on Friday?

Jason tweeted a little while ago:

For those of you interested, im headed to Norway to perform at the VG Lista festival!!! Its gonna be AWESOME!!!

VG-Lista Festival?

Oh, the VG-Lista Festival!

Okay, I never heard of it either, but that is my ignorance. From what I’ve gleaned (thank you, GoogleTranslate!), it’s a huge annual concert of the best of Norway’s musical acts, with audiences of about 100,000. And Jason is this year’s international guest artist. Should be quite an event!

And, as it happens, “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again” is the number one song in Norway for the third week in a row.

Now, in case anyone reading this is going to attend…if you could bring us some bootleg, we’d be ever so grateful!

Monday Favorite

From the blog 20 More Things (which “chronicles the life, discoveries and learning of three (3) 20-something-year old women):

My recent Favorite–something I’ve been listening to everyday is [“Let’s Just Fall in Love Again”]. … I like this song because it’s upbeat without being too pop. It’s just a fun song and something great to listen to in the morning at work. …

For now, enjoy the music and just fall in love with it.


Tour Bootleg

I’m going to say the reason I’m so far behind on collecting bootleg is because I saw 2 shows back to back a little over a week ago … and bootleg just doesn’t cut it until enough time passes and you suddenly figure out that you’re a junkie and you’ll take is straight or cut.

So here’s a collection of shows I missed posting about, including 1 of the 2 I attended. (The Portland show on 2/13 prohibited videotaping.) Boo to Salt Lake City (McLovin!!) and Boise for not bringing the video. (Not that I taped Jason in Seattle, but still….)

I’ll just post a variety of songs with a link to the youtube channel where you can see more….

High Dive, Seattle, WA – 2/12/2010
Thanks to tickledpink

You Can Always Come Home

Bottom Of the Hill, San Francisco, CA – 2/16/2010
Thanks to winpoober

Let’s Just Fall In Love again

Hotel Cafe, LA, CA – 2/17/2010
Thanks to violetskyye

If I Were You

The Casbah, San Diego, CA – 2/19/2010
Thanks to cjinsd09