Remember 20 More Things…

…the blog that recommended “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again” on Monday (see below)? They’ve gone ahead and reviewed Jason’s album:

Castro doesn’t fail his listeners in terms of delivering good vocals and good music. His album is authentic and quite fits the Jason Castro American Idol viewers have grown to know and love. Some compare him to Jack Johnson, but I say they aren’t quite alike. Castro has the potential to offer more depth given his ability to go from Let’s Fall In Love Again to Hallelujah, we can only hope that he gives us range and challenge on his next album. For indeed, I shall watch out for him as an artist.

Miscellaneous News Round-Up

From The Republic:

a charming, well-crafted collection of catchy pop-folk

An interview with Hollywood Dame:

What are some of your hopes for the upcoming year, and what direction are you heading for?

My hopes, to do a lot of touring, hope the album picks up well. That’s really all I can ask for.

A track-by-track review from USA Today;

And, if you’re interested in an opposing opinion: dripping disdain from Jim Farber at The NY Daily News:

The cheery chap Castro projects on the CD represents a kind of lost cousin to the one you may wincingly remember from last season’s “American Idol.” There, Castro played a blissed-out, probable stoner, a heavy-lidded, wide-smiled guy, who braided his hair into that beacon of cultural cluelessness: blond dreads.

No, dude. He was on Idol two seasons ago, dreads aren’t braids, *I’m* the probable stoner – not Jason, and the beacon of cultural cluelessness is using references more than 25 years old when you’re talking about current events (Jason is Spicoli? Really?! You couldn’t have used Doug Benson instead?) Also, does Cameron Crowe know about this?

Starcasm Interview

More good press! Jason was interviewed by Rebecca for Best site name ever.

Bananafish will likely love this:

Rebecca: Did you just get off of a tour?

Jason Castro: Yeah. I got back from the Philippines about a week or two ago which was the last thing we did. We did a little tour out there, which was amazing! It’s really unlike things are here, people are crazy I had bodyguards all the time. I’d go into malls and they’d have to shut down the stores, there were like hundreds of people peeking through the glass, it was just unreal, you know? Here I get recognized and stuff, but there it’s like mass pandemonium, it was really wild. It was like stepping into a different world. I saw my face on billboards on my way through the city! I didn’t know what was going on.

Another lovely quote:

In college I couldn’t play drums a lot so I picked up guitar just for the fun of it but then really fell in love with it and songs you know? I just fell in love with songs and the power of the song. I wanted to be the storyteller, you know? I wanted to sing so I could write those songs and that’s been my mission ever since.

And this one for McLovin:

but five years ago I wouldn’t even listen to the stuff that I do now because I was so into just heavy stuff and banging those drums, but since I’ve started reaching into the songwriting stuff like Jeff Buckley that really started to inspire me.

Read Rebecca’s review also:

. It’s a hummable toe-tapper that takes you through the highs and lows of love with the playful, sunny quality of a spring breeze. It’s an album for anyone who’s ever felt the sweet, deep hope of love…