Chart watch!

I’ll pin this up here for today (Friday, July 15) and update at the top of the post: 6:04pm, iTunes Singer/Songwriters #62:   2:25pm, iTunes Singer/Songwriters, #72:   1:30pm, iTunes Singer/Songwriters, #77:   At 12:25pm, iTunes Singer/Songwriters, #81:   At 11:37am, iTunes Singer/Songwriters #103:   At 10:23am, iTunes Singer/Songwriters #132:   At 9:34am, iTunes Singer/Songwriters

On sale NOW!

Jason’s new album, “Only a Mountain,” is on sale at iTunes RIGHT NOW, so hie on over and pick up your copy! (Already purchased the “Starting Line” EP from iTunes? Got you covered! Apple’s nifty “Complete your Album” feature means you can fill in the new tracks without having to repurchase the ones you already

Rescue the Perishing

You may (or may not) recall that Jason’s sister, Jackie, went on a mission to Ghana last summer. She’s recorded a song about her experience and it’s for sale now on iTunes, so head on over there and have a listen! (iTunes now offers 90-second clips, so you’ll get a good solid sample.) As she