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From Jackie Castro’s Instagram: Jason asked me to come him this weekend to do a sibling interview. Didn’t find out until after the interview that it’s going to air on ABC [F]amily on a show that gets 1 million views. Excuse me what?   Read more at   From Mandy Castro on Instagram, same

Another interview

…this one in The Oklahoman. I like this bit: I like to stay away from the label “Christian album,” because I think people could listen to this album and wouldn’t feel like it’s all about Jesus but more just hope and joy and just the truths that are found in faith. It is written in

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What does “Stay This Way” offer listeners that is different than what they have heard from your previous singles? Sonically and emotionally, my first single, “Only A Mountain”, was peppy and uplifting and the second, “Rise To You”, was a bit more contemplative. So now, “Stay This Way” brings something different than the other singles