Yet more bootleg from the April 5 show at the Hotel Café

Know Me Well (This is the song titled “Good For You” by SnapCracklyPop, below–we’ll have to wait and see what Castro titles it.):

Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The


Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The

And the one we’ll never get tired of, Jason singing Hallelujah:

Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The

So look. If more bootleg from this gig shows up, I’m going to put it right here in this post, so check back now and then. (What? Well, that’s what bookmarks are for. …You’re welcome!)


(Thank you for the finds, Jasonized!)

CASTRO The Band at the Hotel Cafe, L.A., Apr. 5

We have photos, tweets, bootleg-lets, and whole song bootleg!

@castrotheband performing at @thehotelcafe tonight!!

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Brooke White was at the show last night:

Here’s a bootleg-let from “Rock and Roll”:

Another bootleg-let, this one from Diamond Dreams:

Love love ❤️ @castrotheband @jackie_castro @jasoncastromusic @mcastromusic 🙌🏻

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And there are whole songs!

Diamond Dreams:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hello (Adele cover):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hearts Coming Home (this one is new to us!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Waters of Jordan (another new one!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

That is some beautiful stuff, am I right? If, like me, you have them on repeat, go drop a thank you to the videographers, without whom.


(Thanks for all the links, Jasonized and Sandy! Also many thanks to SnapCracklyPop and Louella for the vids!)