Dallas, TX (Sept. 9)

DALLAS!! See u tonight @hobdallas! Doors @ 7 we go on at 8! A photo posted by Michael Castro (@mcastromusic) on Sep 9, 2016 at 4:04pm PDT Since there were some Copians in the house (WOO HOO, Becky, Winnie, and Brenda–thank you so much for sharing!) we have bootlegs: A video posted by Becky Vogt

Yet more bootleg from the April 5 show at the Hotel Café

Know Me Well (This is the song titled “Good For You” by SnapCracklyPop, below–we’ll have to wait and see what Castro titles it.): Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The Hello: Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The And the one we’ll never get tired of, Jason singing Hallelujah: Video by Elizabeth Rosalyn The So look. If more bootleg

There are lists…

And number 7 of the 10 performances that changed “American Idol” according to the Boston Globe is: 7. Jason Castro, “Hallelujah” […] Season 7’s dreadlocked fourth-place finisher Castro turned in a clear-eyed performance that launched Buckley’s version to the top of he Digital Song chart […] and inspired former “Idol” mastermind Simon Cowell to insert

CASTRO at the Hotel Café, continued

More bootleg, more new songs! Crying Wolf: Video by SnapCracklyPop Bonus banter! (I’m not sure which song this comes before. All opinions welcome.) Video by SnapCracklyPop Good for You: Video by SnapCracklyPop Rock and Roll: Video by SnapCracklyPop And last, Jason soloing on “Hallelujah”: Video by SnapCracklyPop …Beautiful. That’s how it’s done, folks. Many, many

Here’s another “American Idol” Top Performances list

This one is from Yahoo Music: 11. Jason Castro – “Hallelujah” (Season 7) Many singing-show contestants have covered this Leonard Cohen classic […], but Jason’s remains the definitive Idol version; the song really should have be retired from reality television after he did it. (Well, I’d put it higher than #11 but tastes differ, I

Frisco Rough Riders Aftergame Concert, Aug. 15

So Jason did an Aftergame Concert this past weekend at the Frisco Rough Riders Ballpark (hence the blog post title, duh), and there were Copians in da house, yay! Beckyvee Periscoped the concert, but alas, those disappear themselves. Next time she graces us thusly I hope to get notice to you all ahead of time.

Acworth, GA, Aug. 9

Jason did a show at Wildwood Baptists Church this past Sunday, and our own misfit toys was there…and she brought back a great recap (check it out in our forum!) and SO MUCH bootleg! Enough: Video by misfit toys Good Love: Video by misfit toys That’s What I’m Here For: Video by misfit toys …and

Celebration, FL

We have photos, recaps, and bootleg of Jason’s performance in Celebration’s “A Countdown to Christmas” concert on Saturday, thanks to Copians in da house, whee! Here’s a photo… Photo by SameCage For more pix plus awesome recaps, check out our forums. (I promise, they don’t bite!) And as for bootleg… Over the Rainbow: Video by

Jason performed in TWO shows this Memorial Day weekend…

One was in a church, Pueblo de Dios in Dallas, on Saturday night; the other was the Rockwell News Memorial Day Concert, Sunday night; and for both, there were Copians in the house–thank you, beckyvee, for bringing back recaps (don’t forget to stop by our forum for those–there are links to Instagrams cliplets) and bootleg!