We get a new Jason vlog, too!

In which Hazel turns one year old! Also magnolia silos are visited (Why? I do not know. They are big silos.), Hazel gets gifts, a wedding is attended, Madeline-is-adorable, there are peacocks, and Hazel has a party because BIRTHDAY.

Video by Jason Castro.

And there is CAKE!


ETA: In case you, too, were wondering about magnolia silos, I asked:

And now we know. (HGTV ftw!)

More behind-the-scenes from Jackie

In which there is a dawn shoot, the are cool locations, siblings-are-siblings, there are meetings, there is a show (which we do not get to see), Madeline-is-adorable, there is a diet…ish…thing, and there is grocery shopping.

Video by Jackie Castro.

Oh, yeah, and we find out which songs were videoed!

(Watch it and you’ll find out. I can’t tell you EVERYTHING!)

Happy Fathers’ Day wishes…

Lovely messages from Jason, one to his father and one to his daughters:

To my daughters – It's because of you that I get to celebrate Fathers Day! I'm sad to be apart today but the drive up to Michigan has given me a lot of time to think about you girls. Madeline, my oldest, you never ceases to amaze me with your inquisitive mind. I love watching people's reactions when you baffle them with your vocabulary and mental capacity. You're a critical thinker and a problem solver. You're also very tender hearted and empathetic. You're creative and adventurous. When you're being silly I call you crazy and you always reply with, "I'm crazy because my Daddy's crazy!" I love that. We can always be crazy together! Hazel, you are quiet and observant. And that's not just because you don't talk yet. You are very easy going but you are also very determined. The limitations of infancy really frustrate you sometimes and when they do, you make sure we know about it! I love watching you push your limits and helping you reach your little goals because the joy expressed after success, is priceless. Your quiet determination and sweet smile will get you far. I can't wait to have conversations with you! What I love the most about you girls is that you spread joy everywhere you go. And many places will you go! May it always be so. Love, Dad

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Vlog time!

In which there is working out, there are cows, there is coffee, there is a show (we do not get to see the show), there is an open house (house porn!) (not enough house porn), there is coffee, and there is a fitting for a photo shoot (we do not get to see the photo shoot).

Video by Jason Castro.

Maybe we’ll see some of the photo shoot next week?

Happy Birthday from Copia, too, Hazel!

Video by Jason (or more properly Mandy) Castro

And the note from Jason reads:

In honor of Hazel’s first birthday my wife put together this video celebrating her first year here!

Thank you for sharing this preciousness with us, Jason and Mandy (and big sister Madeline sings beautifully). Hazel, we at Copia wish you the happiest birthday and a year full of joy to follow!