And the winner is…

Hey, that’s our own Crazydo! YAY, CDO!

Walk for poverty and win a chance to hang with the band!

Hear about it from the Castros themselves:

To further quote the Castros:

Do you have what it takes to play with the band? Well, here is your chance to come backstage with us in support of one of our favorite causes: helping children in poverty. All it takes is $10 to enter to win! For extra entries and weekly prizes we’re challenging our fans to get involved in helping us walk 1 Million Steps for poverty! Your support will help Roma Boots, an amazing organization that is giving poverty the boot to help children across the world living without the basic essentials. Enter to win our backstage experience and help us reach 1 Million steps together!


You can read all about the challenge at the MaximusLife website and in the press release, and you definitely should.

What are you waiting for? Go! WE CAN DO THIS!

If you’re going to be in Dallas at the end of July…

You may remember the tornado that hit the Rowlett, TX area this past December; this is to help those made homeless by the storm. You can find out more about it at the event’s Facebook page.

Ever wonder how Jason ends up doing all those charity galas?

From an article in The Ledger about the Shine a Light Gala (see sidebar–no, over on the right…yes, there!):

[…]Castro’s name came up during a meeting of the program’s advisory council to plan the fundraising weekend.

“I said, ‘Who do we need to have as our entertainment?’ and one council member immediately said, ‘Jason Castro,’ ” Hitchcock said. “He’s got a very strong Christian passion, and he was on ‘American Idol,’ and he really likes doing charity for children’s needs.”

Hitchcock said she contacted Castro’s manager, who said the singer is deeply concerned about the sex-trafficking issue, and Castro quickly agreed to perform at the gala.

For the full article, click the clicky link here.