Hey, guys, it’s that time of year again…

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It’s that time of year…

See the nice “Donate” button? (Over on the right, right on top.) If you enjoy the nice website, please kick in a few (repeat, FEW) bucks to help keep it up and running.

Thanks to everyone who sent in some funds to keep the site running. With your help, we can keep this party train rolling another year. Castrocopians rock! –Lemon

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Thanks so much everyone. We reached our goal in record time. Thank you to everyone who chipped in. And to those who didn’t – no worries. We all give when and where we can. Party time!

So it’s that time of year when the rent comes due… I run Copia on a private server, along with a bunch of other sites that have ended up springing up for fun from time to time. Every year, I toy with the idea of moving back to cheap hosting but I sort of enjoy that we haven’t experienced any significant downtime since we’ve been on this host, and I rather love the fun we have when the mood strikes to host another site, however insanely temporary. Not to mention all the video and other media we’ve been able to stream here. However, I can’t really afford this luxury hosting on my own and so since we’ve been here, I’ve been accepting donations – small donations, from people who have a little extra to spare. If you are struggling with your finances right now, I don’t want you to send me any money. If you have 5 or 10 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, I would certainly appreciate the support. I can always downgrade next year if the funds are running out.

Anyway, all that nonsense to point out the Donate button to the right. The upkeep here is about $500 annually and that’s all I’m looking to fulfill. Once I hit that amount, I’ll take the button down. If you have been here before, you know I will. Sorry that the timing is so crappy. I know that many of you have been contributing to many other more worthy causes lately, and pre-ordering worthy music… but I don’t make monkeys, I just train ’em.

Thanks very much in advance!

The management.

The Love Uncompromised: A Castrocopian Review

Where does one begin? We all are music ‘freaks’ and take our passion very seriously. Of course I have been a Jason booster , or whatever ya want to call it, since day 1. I tend to be very protective and overbearing when it comes to my music choices, all castrocopians are . I am speechless(almost,lol), proud , estactic, vindicated, but the most appropriate feeling is “humbled”. The journey from his church singing to this release is just the beginning, imagine his talent ‘aged’ and think of what is to come. As we have all said , Jason Castro is the real deal!! I promise this is the last time I will utter these words…”WE WERE SO FUCKING RIGHT AND THE AI FUCKWADS WERE SOOOOOOOO FUCKING WRONG”

arealdad, aka Daddio

Jason Castro Bootleg on Catrocopia TV

Please visit the TV link above and click on Tour Bootleg to reveal some new categories we have created to make it easier to browse our videos. We’re not completely up-to-date but we’re slowly getting there. If you know of any videos that we are missing (other than very recent dates), please let us know and we’ll remedy that.

Huge thanks to everyone who captures video at shows! As always, if we post your video on our TV and you’d like it removed, please contact McLovin or me.

Jason + Sprout = Slutty Goes to Church

In the beginning, there was Castrocopia. Ceiling Cat saw it and it was good.

On the first day, Ceiling Cat created lolzers. Ceiling Cat loved them best and smote those who tried to steal from the tree of Lolz.

On the second day, Slutty Whore Lawyer created the Castrocopia Word of Law. Cheeses laughed his ass off, then sent her to reign over the Basement.

On the third day, it was Wednesday and Ceiling Cat watched the results show and ate frooty snax. And it was good. With some beer.

On the fourth day, there was lots of hetero-homoerotic flirtations and begettings leading to massive derailments of Creation.

On the fifth day, Slutty Whore Lawyer struck a deal with Ceiling Cat, to enter into his house of worship, if ever she saw Jason Castro holding a baby.

On the sixth day, the first second generation Castrocopian was born (with the help of Greenie). Copians celebrated their first and Ceiling Cat averted his eyes at the beauty of this child.

And on the seventh day, Ceiling Cat went to a concert to relax and hang with his people. And to laugh at SluttyWhoreLawyer.

And Copians all cooed and said “Cutest Baby Ever”. And this time they did not mean Jason.