A couple of bits and pieces

If you follow Jason on Twitter (and if not, why not? He’s right here!), you might recall seeing this tweet: @jasoncastro THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! @UkuleleMandi singin’ “Only A Mountain” http://youtu.be/5gZhI-M0_6o (And do follow the link to the video, because it is.) Well, Ukulele Mandi’s mom put up a blog

JCM Blog

Jason’s been downright chatty the past 24 hours. Tweeting up a storm and then posting an epic blog post at JCM: I <3 Idaho. Also – if you’re a member of the Fan Club be sure to head over and catch the latest installment of Jason Q&A in which he fields a question from our

New Blog!

Hey I don’t have to fabricate any news today since Jason’s in the mood to bring us up to date in his own words… Check out the new blog at JCM to hear what he’s been doing and what he’s got coming up. Haha!

New Blog Post

Jason just posted a new blog over at JCM we where working hard over these last few weeks! but we werent the only ones! i want to thank my street team and all of you that helped spread the word on this tour, without you it wouldnt have been such a success so thank you,