Here’s a special blog post…

No, I don’t mean MY blog post! It’s a very nice behind-the-scenes peek at a rehearsal session for Jason’s recent Dallas show, from a photographer who captured it:

The cool thing for me was not only getting to see these guys in person and meet them, but to see how they worked together to put a arrange an piece for their fans. They wanted to make sure that it was perfect and completely unexpected.

And here’s a sample photo from the shoot:

Photo © Evan Chavez Photography

To read the whole thing–and see more wonderful photos of the rehearsal by Evan Chavez Photography–click here.

A couple of bits and pieces

If you follow Jason on Twitter (and if not, why not? He’s right here!), you might recall seeing this tweet:

@jasoncastro THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! @UkuleleMandi singin’ “Only A Mountain”

(And do follow the link to the video, because it is.) Well, Ukulele Mandi’s mom put up a blog post about what happened when they went to get Jason’s autograph at Rock the Universe:

Our turn came and we walked up to the table. Jason had his head down, pen in hand, ready to sign his name. I said, “ Ukulele Mandi” and he looked up and said, “ We have to make an exception for this one. I want my picture taken with them.”

He signed our item, told us that our video was great and got up and told the security people, “ I just tweeted her today. I have to get my picture with them.”


(The rest of the blogpost is over here.)

And there’s a nice article at From it:

Castro says Only a Mountain is not an exclusively Christian album.

“It’s something that anybody can listen to … and be encouraged, and find hope in it,” he says. “I hope that’s what my music does for people.”

(Catch the rest of the piece here.)

Thanks for both finds, Jasonized!

MJ’s Exclusive Interview with Jason

An extract:

Working on a new album? New Songs? “Right now, I’m always writing and we’re getting ready to go out with the second single to [Christian] radio, so we’ve got a little life left in this album. But, I’m looking forward to the next album. I’ll be taking advantage of my downtime to write a lot of songs.”

Just hop on over to MJ’s Big Blog for the full interview and to leave a comment (hint, hint).

Thanks for letting us know it was up, Jasonized!

From a year-end song roundup…

in YDTalk’s Idol Chatter blog:

2010 in Review: The year’s best Idol songs

3. “That’s What I’m Here For,” Jason Castro:
I was a big fan of the season seven Idol cast. I wasn’t a big fan of Jason Castro. But match this guy with the right song, and there’s no denying his talent. It happens three or four times on his self-titled debut album, never better than here, though.

A few bits and pieces

There’s a nice article in the Toronto Star blogs today:

Let’s see, since he finished in fourth place on Idol’s Season 7, he has released a debut album, is planning a tour in the fall, got married and got to sing on a soap opera.

On July 29 and 30, Jason will be seen on The Bold and the Beautiful performing his song “Love Uncompromised.”

“I’m really excited I got to sing that one,” he said. “It’s probably one of the most romantic songs on the album. It reminds me of a good old-fashioned love song.”

Jason also got about six lines of dialogue, maybe more, in his scenes with Hope (Kim Matula), Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Aggie (Sarah Joy Brown).

Head over here for the rest of the interview, which includes more nifty tidbits. (Thanks for the find, ohiocastrofan!)

Yesterday there was a cool mention in a very interesting blog that is well worth a look for itself, “The Boogie Man Is My Friend…”, written by a “40-something female police officer and mother working in a “big city” in the west.” (Wheels is the rookie she’s been training.):

So I decided to give Wheels a break from 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Bone Thugs. […] Now….time to see how he operated in a different realm.

Jason Castro. His album is good for the soul. On another note, Hallelujah has to be one of the best songs ever written by Leonard Cohen. And Castro’s version is amazing.

Wheels was so excited when he heard the music, you would have thought I goosed him in the britches.

And lastly (at least for the nonce), “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again” has made the top 5 of Norway’s Hit 40 for the 11th week in a row–which includes 2 weeks at #3, 3 weeks at #2 (where he’s sitting now), and 5 weeks at #1. US radio stations, get on the ball!

Remember 20 More Things…

…the blog that recommended “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again” on Monday (see below)? They’ve gone ahead and reviewed Jason’s album:

Castro doesn’t fail his listeners in terms of delivering good vocals and good music. His album is authentic and quite fits the Jason Castro American Idol viewers have grown to know and love. Some compare him to Jack Johnson, but I say they aren’t quite alike. Castro has the potential to offer more depth given his ability to go from Let’s Fall In Love Again to Hallelujah, we can only hope that he gives us range and challenge on his next album. For indeed, I shall watch out for him as an artist.

New Blog Post

Jason just posted a new blog over at JCM

we where working hard over these last few weeks! but we werent the only ones! i want to thank my street team and all of you that helped spread the word on this tour, without you it wouldnt have been such a success so thank you, THANK YOU! and get ready to do it again! 😉

If you haven’t already joined the street team, you can go to to contact us.

A Nice Little Blog FTW

Like many of you, I get a lot of google alerts. Whenever I get a link to a blog instead of a credible news source, I try to check out the source and decipher first off, if it’s just one of you guys pimping your favorite artist and second, if there’s anything of substance in the content of the blog worth mention. For instance, if I see that Castrocopia is the source of the news alert, I don’t come running back here to post a blog about it (although not because the content isn’t spectacular.)

So today I got a blurb about a CD review on a blogspot called I wasn’t familiar with this gem of a blog, but I am now. Founded by Tony Gisondi in 2000, this blog is designed to promote his favorite bands to the “fullest extent”.

The mission of the site is simple: to help music fans of all types find out about the new and exciting music that is out there, that they may not have otherwise heard about. The site promotes both well known and underground, independent, and unsigned artists. By connecting the site’s visitors to this wide array of artists, it allows them to make their own choices and assumptions based on the information set forth before them. You will never find a negative review on the site, nor will an artist be listed here if they hadn’t sparked the interest of the site’s creator.

I like this guy. A lot.

From what I can gather, he writes about 1 review per day, from arists stemming from John Butler Trio to Vampire Weekend. There are artists you probably know (Matt Hires, Sia, Brandi Carlile) and artists you may not be familiar with (The Disco Biscuits). So he’s proven to me, he’s a legitimate credible eclectic music freak.

It was with great pleasure that I read his review of Jason’s EP.

His mellow voice is going to take the world by storm just as Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz have done.

Thanks Tony! You’re welcome at Castrocopia!