Happy Birthday, Jason!

We know you like guitars…and we know you like cake… credit: www.belgiques.com/guitar-birthday-cake/ credit: see-through-silence.deviantart.com/art/Guitar-Cake-371041849 credit: mooncici on flickr.com (You do like guitars and cake, right?) Copia wishes you all the best of everything–hope it’s a special day!

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Guess what! Today–it’s after midnight on the East Coast, so it is today–is the birthday of one of our Fearless Leaders! Whoops…that’s the wrong fearless leader. Today is Liz Lemon‘s birthday! Um…no, that’s not the right Liz Lemon. It’s OUR Liz Lemon’s birthday! … Close enough. Happy birthday, Liz! Make it a special one.