“Automatic” Acoustic Video!

Right now it’s up exclusively at Twist Magazine‘s website, so hop over there and have a look/listen–lovely! (Sorry if the screenshot fooled anyone. Since it is exclusive I won’t bring the video here until tomorrow because reasons.) Go! And don’t forget to leave a thumbs-up and/or comment on YouTube. Also, be good to your friends

Ever wonder how Jason ends up doing all those charity galas?

From an article in The Ledger about the Shine a Light Gala (see sidebar–no, over on the right…yes, there!): […]Castro’s name came up during a meeting of the program’s advisory council to plan the fundraising weekend. “I said, ‘Who do we need to have as our entertainment?’ and one council member immediately said, ‘Jason Castro,’

Another interview

…this one in The Oklahoman. I like this bit: I like to stay away from the label “Christian album,” because I think people could listen to this album and wouldn’t feel like it’s all about Jesus but more just hope and joy and just the truths that are found in faith. It is written in