What are you doing tomorrow at 2PM EST?

Well, cancel that, what you want to be doing is this!

If you–like myself–had to ask yourself what YouNow is, that is just our ignorance. It’s a platform for live stream video chats, and you can sign up over here behind this YouNow clicky link, which is what I’m about to do. Then we’ll be all ready for tomorrow!

There’s some songwriting going on

So, anyone who can get to Bridgewater Corners, VT by Wednesday evening, grab yourself a ticket and go!

Welcome to the new blog!

Hi, all! We (by which I mean Lizzy Lemon–I’ve just been hauling crates) have been doing some spring cleaning and decorating, and we have a fresh new blog for your enjoyment. Please let us know in the forum if you run into any wet paint or torn upholstery or the like.

The past six years’ worth of posts (plus some 470 of the oldest posts) have been moved to our new home, and the rest will follow. Should you wish to look at anything still in the packing crates, go to Castrocopia.com/blog/.


Please welcome our new blogger!

I am very happy to announce that REReader has agreed to bring her sleuthing skills to the front page and will be helping keep the blog up to date with the latest and greatest news, videos and other random tidbits. You all already know that she is a constant source of news on the forum and I’m extremely grateful to her for coming aboard.

I hope you’ll join me as I ask her for the first time: “There’s a blog?”

Change in tour lineup

According to JCM:

Hello everyone,

Jason will unfortunately not be able to play the gigs with Matt Hires on February 26th, 27th, and 28th. We will post more information as soon as it’s available so please stay tuned.

-JasonCastroMusic.com WebCrew

As you will know if you follow twitter or read any forum, Jason has announced that he’s going to be doing something mysterious for some mysterious tv show. I know that all the fans at the last 3 stops will be disappointed that Jason won’t be there. Not to minimize their sadness, we should all be really glad for Jason’s career that he’s getting an opportunity to reach a much larger audience of not-yet-fans. I hope that he’ll return to the missed venues as soon as he can.

And if you were planning to go to the show, I hope you will all decide to go check out Caitlin and Matt who are both worth the trip. Let’s show them that Jason Castro fans are music lovers!