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There’s this piece in The New York Times: How Pop Culture Wore Out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.

“Hallelujah” survived the doctor dramas and the evening-soap finales, but it almost succumbed to reality TV, where unseasoned vocalists repeatedly tried to impress their judges by remaking it with big runs and rococo flourishes. Jason Castro delivered the most celebrated “Idol” performance

So here’s the thing, Mr. Murray–Jason’s performance is the most celebrated because he did the opposite of “remaking it with big runs and rococo flourishes”; he sang as stripped down a version as there can be, and he still does, which is what lets the emotion shine through. And it’s always beautiful.

That is all.

(Slightly delayed) Vlog Time!

In which there is more family time in California, a camera dies when it should have been recording the Hotel Café show, there is father/daughter attendence at the American Idol final performance show (at which Madeline is heartbroken and Dalton’s mom is sweet), and daughter giggles are adorablest.

Video by Jason Castro.

Oh, and the Wine Train is traveled on! (And–we are told–it was the stage for a CASTRO performance.)

Vlogs all over the place

This one from Jackie:

Video by Jackie Castro.

In which Hazel is unimpressed by the Hollywood sign, everyone loves NO, there are playgrounds and beaches, American Idol press happens, and everyone-is-a-fan.

…Oh, yes, and there is banter and BOOTLEG, starting at around 4:45. (Rene is an awesome videographer!)


Thanks for the heads-up, Jasonized!

When Idols collide…

Could Madeline look more thrilled? (…That is what is known as a rhetorical question.)

This little girl made us chase @daltonrapattoni around Deep Ellum today. He was such a sweetie to little M!

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Ha! What I said.

And from the other side…

Chillen with the Castros today @jasoncastromusic @americanidol

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And also

How cute was this?

There are lists…

And number 7 of the 10 performances that changed “American Idol” according to the Boston Globe is:

7. Jason Castro, “Hallelujah”

[…] Season 7’s dreadlocked fourth-place finisher Castro turned in a clear-eyed performance that launched Buckley’s version to the top of he Digital Song chart […] and inspired former “Idol” mastermind Simon Cowell to insert it into almost every singing competition in which he had a hand.


To read the full paragraph–and, if you insist, the other nine performances–click on over to The Boston Globe’s article, 10 ‘American Idol’ performances that changed the show.

Look who was at the American Idol taping tonight…

There’s Jason and his daughter Madeline just behind and to the left of Mrs. Rapattoni, and Jackie just behind and to her right.

Screen grab thanks to Gloria

–click the image for a better look


ETA: And to wrap it up, a Facebook post from Jason:

If you watched American Idol tonight, then you saw my daughters heartbreak – It was caught on camera. She was a huge…

Posted by Jason Castro on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

(Gotta love the cameraman’s choice of whom to zoom in on!)

Plus a bonus response from Mrs. Rapattoni:

Keep your eyes peeled…

And if you see something, let us know so I can post it heeeeeere…


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