Diamond Dreams EP Chart Watch!

Oooh, nice banner ad on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter page:
Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 9.50.38 AM

NOTE:Any updates will be put at the top of this chart watch; check in periodically for the latest! (Well, when I say “top”…right under this note, that’s what I mean there.)

Still #1 (iTunes Singer/Songwriter), still 5 singles charting:
2016-09-02_16.45.14 PM
For those having trouble with the tiny type:
Diamond Dreams is at #32
Waters of Jordan is at #85
Rock and Roll is at #106
Automatic is at #134
Heart’s Coming Home is at #151

And still high 30s overall!
2016-09-02_16.45.48 PM

In Singer/Songwriter, still at #1, woo hoo! And 5 singles still charting:
2016-09-02_15.34.18 PM

And back to #37 in Music, generally speaking:
2016-09-02_15.35.17 PM


Look what appears just below the banners on iTunes front Music page–

Very classy, that. Also the EP is at #38 on the general Music list.

And in Singer/Songwriter, it’s still #1 (as it should be), and five singles are still charting:
2016-09-02_14.21.42 PM


Still #1 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter albums–and now five singles are charting…
2016-09-02_13.14.45 PM

…and the EP has climbed another rung on the general Music chart.
2016-09-02_13.16.18 PM

12:00 noon:

Still #1 in iTunes Singer/Songwriter–plus four singles are charting as well…
2016-09-02_12.09.30 PM

…and the EP is #37 on iTunes general Music list.
2016-09-02_12.10.04 PM

11:00 am:

iTunes Singer/Songwriter–still #1, yessss!
Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 11.03.14 AM

iTunes general–up to #44
Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 11.02.26 AM

That’s the way!

We open our listings at 9:30am, and on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, the EP is:
Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 9.38.25 AM

Okay, then!
(Not to complain, but starting at #1 takes the suspense out of it…) (But that’s a GOOD thing!)

And on the iTunes general music list:
Screen shot 2016-09-02 at 9.37.47 AM

#50 on the general list for a Singer/Songwriter album is really quite high already, WOO HOO!

New interview in the Chicago Sun-Times

If you still think of Jason Castro as the easygoing folkie from “American Idol,” his new album may surprise you.

For one thing, the dreadlocked singer from the show’s seventh season has picked up an electric guitar. For another, “Only a Mountain” depicts a young man more familiar with life’s struggles than he was three years ago when he released his first album.

Check out the full article at the Chicago Sun-Times website


“Only a Mountain”, the single, is still charting in radio play–it’s showing at #21 on both All Access’s Mediabase Christian AC 7-day Rolling Chart and on America’s Music Charts’ Christian Songs chart.

Billboard, with charts derived from their own combination of sales and airplay, isn’t showing the single in their top 25, but it is showing the album:

That’s debuting at #14 on the Christian Albums chart. Not bad at all!

Another article/interview about Only a Mountain

This one is from NewReleaseTuesday.com:

Its eleven original tracks–all written or co-written by Castro–are primed to appeal to fans both old and new, whether they discovered his unique voice via his captivating run on American Idol, or have found their lives touched by one of his melodic, heartfelt performances in the years since.

For the full piece, go here.

On sale NOW!

Jason’s new album, “Only a Mountain,” is on sale at iTunes RIGHT NOW, so hie on over and pick up your copy!

(Already purchased the “Starting Line” EP from iTunes? Got you covered! Apple’s nifty “Complete your Album” feature means you can fill in the new tracks without having to repurchase the ones you already have.)

ETA: And now with a bonus message from the man himself:

Video from Jason Castro

Well? Why are you still here? Go!

Another album review

From NewReleaseTuesday.com:

[W]ith Only A Mountain, [Jason Castro] has come into his own. His songwriting has matured, his music has grown more robust and varied, and his performance is consistently passionate and energetic. If listeners embrace it, Only A Mountain could be a breakthrough album for a bright new talent.

Check out the full song-by-song rundown at the website!

Thanks for the find, beckyvee!

Psst…want some sneak peeks?

Or sneak listens, anyway? Well, then!:

Even better, Spotify also has tracks of commentary from Jason about each song, so you really don’t want to pass that up!

Still want more? No problem! Check out Christianbook.com’s Inside the Album on “Only a Mountain”. It’s the same person talking about the same songs, so it’s similar to the commentary on Spotify, but not identical, so check that out, too!

Thanks for the finds, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!