Jason Castro: Pre-American Idol performance

Video of Jason performing Contemporary Christian artist Chris Rice’s “Clumsy”. Jason Castro – Sings “Clumsy” by Chris Rice Uploaded by jasoncastroonline From what I can determine, the video was originally posted here in January by a member of Jason’s Lake Pointe Church in Texas, so thanks to both Kevin Dooley and Jason Castro OnLine.

Jason Castro: Connecting the Dots….

An article from the Rockwall Herald-Banner from June 2006, in which Jason discusses his former band, Keeping Lions, as well as his appearances in both the Hanging Onvideo and Cheyenne‘s self-titled MTV series. Rockwall Herald-Banner And an interview with Texas A & M’s thebatt.com from April 2007 about appearing on Cheyenne’s series.

Jason Castro Video Appearance

Young love is sweet and makes you do questionable things, such as appearing in the video for your alleged then-girlfriend’s nauseatingly commercial (yet ultimately low-performing, with a peak U.S. chart position of 53) pop single. Cheyenne Kimball – Hanging On Released June 22, 2006 Watch for Jason at about the 2:00 mark.

Jason Castro’s YouTube Channel

For your viewing pleasure: five youtubes of varying lengths of Jason and his band,Keeping Lions, performing in Dallas. The sound quality is fuzzy and distorted, but it’s interesting to see this hard-core side of Jason’s music. Jason’s Youtube Keeping Lions myspace, featuring 3 tracks with Jason on drums Keeping Lions was previously called Charlemagne. There’s