Jason Castro: Risk Pays Off

The first of what is bound to be many articles commenting on Jason Castro’s gutsy song choice tonight as the remaining eight male contestants competed for a spot in the Top 12. This Dallas Morning News item is mostly a recap of the show from one of Jason’s home state publications. I’m looking forward to

Jason Castro Has “It”

This, according to MSNBC contributor, Craig Berman. Tell me something I don’t know. Disclaimer: For the time being, I can’t guarantee that everything posted will be fresh off the presses (this article, for example, was posted on MSNBC on February 19th, the night of Top 12 Males.) Everything’s going up as I find it. *Off

Jason Castro’s American Idol Pants

My purpose in posting this is *threefold: 1. I’m curious whether anyone would find us by googling Jason+Castro+Pants 2. I spent the better part of an hour on the True Religion Brand Jeans website, but couldn’t find this specific pair of pants. If their Marketing Department monitors who’s linking to their site, maybe they’ll a.