Village Voice loves Jason Castro

The Village Voice posted an article entitled “American Idol Week Three: “Hallelujah” and Bullshit” in which it claims that this week “we’ve been treated to exactly one great performance and then two hours and fifty-eight minutes (commercials included) of mind-boggling trainwreck fuckery…” The great performance? Jason Castro’s Hallelujah. Tom Breihan had this to say. …

Hallelujah on iTunes Top 100

Sales of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah were boosted by Jason Castro’s performance of the Leonard Cohen classic on American Idol enough to push the song to #4 on iTunes Top 100 within one day. The song currently sits at #2. And guess whose American Idol version of Hallelujah has cracked the Top 100? Jason is the

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Randy, Paula and Simon took the opportunity to sing the praises of Jeff Buckley’s seminal version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Although I’ve learned since that singers on Canadian Idol often perform this song, I had never expected to see it on American Idol. I was enchanted by Jason’s version of the song and haven’t been

Jason Castro on

While the main topic of this article is the David Hernandez scandal (Pffft! – They say ‘scandal’, I say ‘way more rock & roll than Michael Johns’ tennis playing’), MSNBC’s Craig Berman also recaps Tuesday night’s show, listing Jason as one of the ‘stars’ of the evening.

Jason Castro: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Slezak is beside himself, using words like ‘botched’ and ‘transcendent’ to describe Jason Castro’s Hallelujah on Tuesday’s edition of American Idol. (Botched AND transcendent? Wicked!) By the by, he also called my Love Muffin in Waiting, David Cook’s, take on Lionel Ritchie’s Hello “thrillingly inventive.” I think I need to send him