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If you want to skip right to the good part: Jason Castro — The dreadlocked guitar strummer was charming enough to score a fourth-place finish during season 7 and land an Atlantic Records album release, but rarely has there been an Idol contestant who seemed less interested in the machinery of fame. Castro melted hearts

RIP, Leonard Cohen

For more about that “part of our journey,” click on over to these… This really was the “Hallelujah” TV cover that started it all. In 2008, when Castro performed a vulnerable acoustic version on Idol’s top 16 week, judge Simon Cowell noted that the late Jeff Buckley’s 1994 rendition was one of his favorite recordings

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There’s this piece in The New York Times: How Pop Culture Wore Out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. “Hallelujah” survived the doctor dramas and the evening-soap finales, but it almost succumbed to reality TV, where unseasoned vocalists repeatedly tried to impress their judges by remaking it with big runs and rococo flourishes. Jason Castro delivered the most

There are lists…

And number 7 of the 10 performances that changed “American Idol” according to the Boston Globe is: 7. Jason Castro, “Hallelujah” […] Season 7’s dreadlocked fourth-place finisher Castro turned in a clear-eyed performance that launched Buckley’s version to the top of he Digital Song chart […] and inspired former “Idol” mastermind Simon Cowell to insert

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There’s Jason and his daughter Madeline just behind and to the left of Mrs. Rapattoni, and Jackie just behind and to her right. Screen grab thanks to Gloria Just spotted my fam on @AmericanIdol … @jasoncastro @TheJackieCastro — MICHAEL (@MCastroMusic) April 7, 2016 –click the image for a better look @jasoncastro clapping #AmericanIdol

Here’s another “American Idol” Top Performances list

This one is from Yahoo Music: 11. Jason Castro – “Hallelujah” (Season 7) Many singing-show contestants have covered this Leonard Cohen classic […], but Jason’s remains the definitive Idol version; the song really should have be retired from reality television after he did it. (Well, I’d put it higher than #11 but tastes differ, I

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Jason is! @AdamLasher don't listen to those clowns, I loved what you and @HaleyReinhart did tonight. — Jason Castro (@jasoncastro) February 20, 2016 @DaltonRapattoni dude, you're killing it! Love what you're doing. — Jason Castro (@jasoncastro) February 20, 2016 @DaltonRapattoni and you look just like @BJAofficial… welcome to paradise. — Jason Castro (@jasoncastro) February 20,