Welcome to the new blog!

Hi, all! We (by which I mean Lizzy Lemon–I’ve just been hauling crates) have been doing some spring cleaning and decorating, and we have a fresh new blog for your enjoyment. Please let us know in the forum if you run into any wet paint or torn upholstery or the like. The past six years’

It’s that time of year…

See the nice “Donate” button? (Over on the right, right on top.) If you enjoy the nice website, please kick in a few (repeat, FEW) bucks to help keep it up and running. **UPDATE** Thanks to everyone who sent in some funds to keep the site running. With your help, we can keep this party

Knock knock knock!

Update Thanks so much everyone. We reached our goal in record time. Thank you to everyone who chipped in. And to those who didn’t – no worries. We all give when and where we can. Party time! So it’s that time of year when the rent comes due… I run Copia on a private server,