American Idol Chatroom

Hola amigos. Last season, a chat room was put up at and many of the friends from the four corners of my universe have been posting there about this and that and t’other. I’m going to bring this chat over here so that anyone might want to can join in to chat about American

Cross Promotion Time

Some of you may have had a chance to get to know Matt Hires on the State Lines Tour, part 1. He’s released a new Live Sessions EP (similar to the “live” EP Jason put out this past fall). The 5 song EP includes new versions of Honey Let Me Sing You a Song, Out

Lemon Playlist

Mar30mar posted in our Shuffle thread that she wanted a new playlist. And I’m powerless to resist a powerlist. So here you go…. Mar asked me for a playlist   1. Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me I’m a sucker for beautiful voices and harmony. I literally just bought this so I just picked the song