Hopefully, this doesn’t mean an end to music…

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In 2017 I was touring the country playing music, but a new career was beginning to sprout. Real estate had been a long time passion of mine, but I never imagined I would become a real estate agent. I honestly thought I would never be able to make money any other way than playing music. Which was awesome when I was 20. Literally a dream come true and I’ve had some unforgettable experiences. I really cannot express my gratitude enough to all of the fans and supporters throughout my music career. However, with 3 growing girls at home, touring the world did not have the same allure. A new dream took over as I found myself craving for home every minute I was away. 2017 surprised me when real estate eclipsed music in both passion and income. With the prospect of being able to stay home, make more money and see my family every night, it felt like a no brainer. I decided to go full time into real estate in 2018. I was eager to grow, eager to learn and excited to chase a new passion. I am happy to say that this year was all of that and more. I sold 32 homes in 2018 and up until this point, every transaction offered something new to learn. It was very intimidating at times, but those difficult moments have brought me to a point where I no longer feel like an amateur, but a professional. 2018 was a year to grow, and 2019 will be a year to build. What was a hobby, is now a business and @castropropertygroup Is now a high powered team ready to serve. Not only in our hometown of Dallas, but nationwide through our network of partners @coldwellbanker . It’s going to be a great year and If you are considering a move, please call us. If you hear somebody talking about a move, mention us. If you’re 3 years out from buying a home, we’d still love to talk to you! We want to build deep relationships and earn clients for life. We are also planning to roll out some fun music related events. Your best bet to see @castrotheband perform in the next few months is by coming to on of our open house shows! Be on the look out for footage of our first one coming soon. Continued in comments..

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And then there is this comment:

Music will always be a big part of my life and I’m excited to see what will unfold next. By taking the expectation off of music to make money, it’s becoming fun again. Talks of new music are on the table as well… y’all tell @mcastromusic it needs to happen! I am so full of gratitude beginning this year. I know most people consider it lucky to have a job that you love. I thank God that I have 2!
Peace and love to you all!

We wish you best of luck in all facets of your life, Jason!

(But we’ll always be waiting for another song, because that’s how we roll… 😉)