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“It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve” by Barry Manilow and Marty Panzer, sung by Barry Manilow:

Video posted by BarryManilowOfficial

Okay, okay, Murphy Brown joke, whatever. But did you listen to the song? Because it’s really good. Try listening to the same song sung by Lea Salonga:

Video posted by LeaSalonga–Topic (Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment)

Beautiful. I’ve often heard it said that all Manilow’s songs sound the same, but my theory is that he sings in a very stylized way and it’s a strong enough style that the songs he sings sound more alike than different. Not that he doesn’t have a distinctive music writing style–he does–but the songs on his albums that he didn’t write sound as much like Barry Manilow as the ones he did. (This one is based on a Bach melody, even.) That’s a neat trick.

Besides, right about now, I find it really nice to hear someone sing “We’ve come through all the rest, we’ll get through this,” don’t you?