Those city streets are CROWDED nowadays…

“Silver Bells”, by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, was frequently referred to by Livingston as “our annuity.” It is sung here by Colbie Callait:

Video posted by Rita Spencer

And here is the same song as sung by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the movie for which the song was written, The Lemon Drop Kid:

Video posted by TCBNS.*

The title, by the way, was originally “Tinkle Bells.”

[I pause while you take that in.]

Then Livingston went home and told his wife about their new song and she said (presumably after she finished laughing), “Are you out of your mind? Do you know what the word ‘tinkle’ means to most people?” They changed the title (and lyrics) to “Silver Bells” forthwith.


* The Lemon Drop Kid clip comes complete with visual “jokes” based on ethnic stereotypes, none of which, it should be noted, are in the lyrics; the movie came out in 1951, which is no sort of an excuse but is an explanation of sorts, alas.