It’s the first night of Chanukah!

In honor of which, I bring you two–yes, two!–Chanukah songs.

The first is “Candlelight,” sung by the Maccabeats (in their first viral video):

Video by Uri Westrich

The melody is by Taio Cruz (although he thought it was for a song titled “Dynamite”), and he is not, to the best of my knowledge, Jewish. The parody lyrics, however, are by two members of the Maccabeats (an a cappella group formed of current and past Yeshiva University students), David Block and Immanuel Shalev, and if they (and the singers) are not all Jewish, someone made a serious mistake in their university application.


And in case you were wondering about the lines in “Candlelight” that runs:

We say “Ma’oz Tzur”
Oh, yeah, for all eight nights,

that is my second song, a very traditional Chanukah song–“Ma’oz Tzur,” sung here by students of Israel’s Technion:

Video by Technion

In case you are unfamiliar with the institution, Technion can be described as the MIT of Israel. These students certainly sing Ma’oz Tzur way, WAY better than I can, and they are appropriately ingenious with their instruments. And just look at how they light their Chanukah menorah!: