Boston and New York, Part II

Copians were in da house in Boston!

Some I can bring here (thanks, Jasonized!):

Video by gailinroch

And some I can’t–so check out Cookie’s video on Facebook.

And for some (*cough* recaps and some photos *cough*) (thanks, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!) you should come back to our forum. (It’s safe in there, I promise!)

And then there’s this from NYC:

In which there is itinerary, and highway driving, and the George Washington Bridge, and the West Side Highway (which I totally recognized instantly), and the Upper West Side. (Yes, Michael. Manhattan gets humid. It’s an island.) (Sleeping on the subway means you fit right in, Jackie!) And there is more getting around in the city, and backstage at Webster Hall. And there is a show at Webster Hall. We do not get to see the show.

And, of course, there is food.