Anyone gonna be in Tulsa in May?

It's official! The Hop Jam 2017 is coming. Join us on May 21st!

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There’s all sorts of info available at the event website; be sure to check out the FAQs. Most important bits? The music is FREE, and open to all. (But the beer part is 21+ and Not Free.) I do like this from their description of Castro:

On Diamond Dreams, they swivel seamlessly between bluesy soul, indie folk, and grandiose pop drama with the poise and effortlessness that only comes with loving each sound too much to abandon it. And while the record may be proudly noncommittal when it comes to genre, there is one mission on which all three siblings agree: making others happy.

“Proudly noncommittal” on genre is just exactly right, isn’t it?


Thanks for the find, misfit toys!