Christmas ain’t the only holiday

Not even on December 25, which–this year–will also be the first day of Chanukah. (The first candle will be lit Christmas Eve–isn’t that convenient? *tossing imaginary blue and white confetti*) And since today New York is in the middle of a very not-Mid-Eastern deep freeze…

“Hanukkah in Santa Monica” by Tom Lehrer, sung by Tom Lehrer:

Video from Tom Lehrer, Topic, Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America

Everybody seems to have covered this song too–only the everybody in this case are all amateurs (This seems to be a major oversight. Seriously, why has no one put this on a holiday album? DO THEY NOT GET THE JOKE?), between which I cannot choose. Go to YouTube and have a party!

Tom Lehrer is, of course, Jewish, although he identifies as agnostic. His education is as a mathematician, and he taught mathematics and musical theater

(Yes, you heard that right, musical theater. No, it wasn’t a pilot for Glee.)

for many years–until 2001, in fact–but he is best known for the satirical/comedic songs he wrote and performed in the 1950s and ’60s.

[SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t heard Lobachevsky (especially if you have ever had anything whatsoever to do with academia)

Video from FredeTI

or The Elements (especially if you have a nodding acquaintance with Gilbert and Sullivan),

Video from Timwi Terby

listen to them IMMEDIATELY! I’ll wait.]

And if you are of a certain age, you will know him by the ten songs he wrote for The Electric Company, especially the “L-Y” and Silent E” songs.

Either way, I’m not sure that I’d settle for Santa Monica any more–is there a city in Australia that rhymes with “Chanukah”? (Or maybe Canada? I can always wear long johns!)