If you’re going to be in Dallas at the end of July…

You may remember the tornado that hit the Rowlett, TX area this past December; this is to help those made homeless by the storm. You can find out more about it at the event’s Facebook page.

Did you miss the YouNow live broadcast?

Well, we have you covered! There’s a replay HERE, behind that clicky link there. (Or click on the screengrab, same difference.)


When you get there, click on the “REPLAYS” tab. You’ll see a bunch of videos to replay–for the one with actual sound, click on the one that is 29:37 long. And that’s it!

(And if you missed it, you DO want to listen to the replay–they sang “Diamond Dreams” and “Automatic”!)

What are you doing tomorrow at 2PM EST?

Well, cancel that, what you want to be doing is this!

If you–like myself–had to ask yourself what YouNow is, that is just our ignorance. It’s a platform for live stream video chats, and you can sign up over here behind this YouNow clicky link, which is what I’m about to do. Then we’ll be all ready for tomorrow!

I was not previously familiar with The Daily Country

But they have a nice piece up about CASTRO and “Diamond Dreams”:

“Dreams are more valuable than anything else,” Jason says. “It’s about realizing that a lot of people want to squash dreams – they say it’s unrealistic or that you can’t do it. I think a big part of how we’ve gotten to where we are is by really valuing our dreams.”

To read the whole thing (and there is more, so you should), hop on over to The Daily Country.

There’s some songwriting going on

So, anyone who can get to Bridgewater Corners, VT by Wednesday evening, grab yourself a ticket and go!