CASTRO The Band at the Hotel Cafe, L.A., Apr. 5

We have photos, tweets, bootleg-lets, and whole song bootleg!

@castrotheband performing at @thehotelcafe tonight!!

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Brooke White was at the show last night:

Here’s a bootleg-let from “Rock and Roll”:

Another bootleg-let, this one from Diamond Dreams:

Love love ❤️ @castrotheband @jackie_castro @jasoncastromusic @mcastromusic 🙌🏻

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And there are whole songs!

Diamond Dreams:

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hello (Adele cover):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Hearts Coming Home (this one is new to us!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

Waters of Jordan (another new one!):

Video by SnapCracklyPop

That is some beautiful stuff, am I right? If, like me, you have them on repeat, go drop a thank you to the videographers, without whom.


(Thanks for all the links, Jasonized and Sandy! Also many thanks to SnapCracklyPop and Louella for the vids!)