Ooooh, pretty!

Took a hike through Muir Woods to kick off our West Coast adventure!

Posted by Castro – The Band on Thursday, March 31, 2016

What? I’m talking about the trees. Trees, people, TREES!

And then there’s this:

CASTRO on the menu tonight.

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… ?

Some things ‘n’ stuff from one of the corporate gigs…

Just a bit so far. First, thanks to Jackie for the setlist:

Almost show time 🙈

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Also, we’ve got bootleg of Jason singing “Over the Rainbow”:

Video by Craig Levine

Not to be ungrateful, because Jason singing “Over the Rainbow” is always worth hearing, but could we get some of the new songs, please?

(Do bear in mind that this is not actually a performance of “Oliver,” kthnx.)


Thanks for the finds, Jasonized!

Buzzfeed reached out to American Idol alums

…to find out what the show meant to them, and got some 58 responses. Here’s a part of Jason’s:

I have been watching this season with my daughter, who is four and a half. […] When I was on there, I was not married, had no kids, and really, as I look around at my family now and the life that I have, it really is all because of American Idol. […] What an incredible opportunity I had to be able to make a great living doing what I love and be able to support my growing family by playing music.

To read the rest of Jason’s answer

(Okay, okay, FINE.)

and the other 57 responses,

(happy now?)

click here.


(Thanks for the find, Jasonized!)

And now for the announcement from Jason…

March 25, 2009 – I signed my first record deal. I remember the day because it was my BIRTHDAY! Today I turn 29 and am…

Posted by Jason Castro on Friday, March 25, 2016


Oh, yeah, and again, happy birthday and congratulations, Jason!