It is still Chanukah!

Eight days, remember?

So here is “Miracle” by Matisyahu:

Video by Matisyahu

And in case you prefer a less-reggae version, here are the Maccabeats with the same song:

Video by Maccabeats Channel


The song, being about and for Chanukah, fits right into the series. But we can go a little farther:

As I mentioned earlier, the singers of the second version above, the a cappella group the Maccabeats, came together as students at Yeshiva University. If they aren’t all Jewish, all I can say is that someone made a major error in his choice of an undergraduate institution.

While he is unquestionably Jewish, Matisyahu‘s religious history is a bit more complicated, if also far more widely known. Brought up a Reconstructionist Jew (a branch with which I am only vaguely familiar), he found his way into the Chabad Lubavitch movement (an out-reaching branch of Chasidism), became famous as a Jewish/spiritual-reggae-hip hop-rapper singer/songwriter (during which period the above video was made), and then found his way out of the Chabad Lubavitch movement (and also into a lower level of fame). In the more recent interviews I’ve read (this and that amongst them), he talks more about spirituality than religion. So far as I can tell–and I have to tell you that neither reggae nor rap nor hip-hop are My Thing, so I haven’t followed his career at all closely–he still draws heavily on Jewish themes in his music.

And since today is Friday, I’m keeping it short. Shabbat shalom!