Fried foods taste good, okay?

This third night of Chanukah, my family had latkes at dinner, and so I bring you the Maccabeats singing “Latke Recipe,” lyrics by Spencer Garfield:

Video by Maccabeats Videos

There is also a demonstration video version:

Video by Maccabeats Videos

(More about the song after the jump.)

The song on which this parody is based, “Shut Up and Dance,” was written by members of Walk the Moon with Ben Berger and Ryan McMahon, and I have not been able to find any information about their religious affiliations. The “Latke Recipe” lyrics were (mostly) written by Spencer Garfield, the Religious School Music teacher of Temple Emanu-El of Marblehead, MA. It seems safe to conclude that he is Jewish–and anyway, it’s a Chanukah song, which is enough to qualify it for this series.

Cooking note from a very non-expert cook: If you want to try the recipe in this song, I would suggest you wring out the grated potatoes in a towel first, or at least drain them as well as you can, because water in hot oil spatters and makes a terrible mess–and the latkes won’t brown as easily if they are wet. But it’s just a suggestion! Fresh latkes always taste excellent.