Centennial Park, Nashville, 9/5/15–continued

Aaaaaand now we have bootleg (THANK YOU, jasonnnfan!): Lost in the Right Direction: Video by tnoh437/jasonnnfan ETA: YES, THERE IS MORE–THIS IS SO EXCITING! (Note: Yes, there are some glitches in the sound. It’s an OUTDOOR CONCERT. That’s what you get. Stop kvetching!) Sisters and Brothers: Video by tnoh437/jasonnnfan Rock and Roll: Video by tnoh437/jasonnnfan

Centennial Park, Nashville, 9/5/15

Castro-The Band performed at the “Season Kick Off and BMI Artist’s Showcase at Musician’s Corner in Nashville this past weekend. We are hoping some bootleg surfaces, but meanwhile we have some photos and tweets and recap action! Thank you so much for having us, @muscornernash! We love this city. A photo posted by CASTRO (@castrotheband)

Happy Long Holiday Weekend!

Today is Labor Day in the US, the [un]official end of summer–sales, barbecues, flags and fun, right? But also what today is about is the “labor” in “organized labor.” Image from US Dept. of Labor In 1898 (four years after Labor Day became a federal holiday), Samuel Gompers, head of the AFL, called Labor Day