May 14–Paducah Symphony Sing-Off

We had a Copian in the house at the Paducah Symphony Sing-Off on May 14, at which Jason performed as well as serving as one of the judges…so we have some photos!

Photo by jasonnnfan

Photo by jasonnnfan

AND there is a whole page of photos from the event at the Paducah Symphony Orchestra Facebook pages

Photo courtesy of Paducah Symphony Orchestra

There, that’s a taste–be sure to click through and see the rest. And don’t forget to check out our forums for more photos and other recap-y stuff!


Thanks for representing, jasonnnfan!

On this Memorial Day weekend…

It’s great to have a long holiday weekend, isn’t it? Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer; it’s a day of big sales and parades and picnics and all Good Things. But on your way to that backyard barbecue, won’t you please take a moment to remember those who stood and fell for our country?

So to the indifferent inquirer who asks why Memorial Day is still kept up we may answer, it celebrates and solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national act of enthusiasm and faith. It embodies in the most impressive form our belief that to act with enthusiasm and faith is the condition of acting greatly. To fight out a war, you must believe something and want something with all your might. So must you do to carry anything else to an end worth reaching. More than that, you must be willing to commit yourself to a course, perhaps a long and hard one, without being able to foresee exactly where you will come out. All that is required of you is that you should go somewhither as hard as ever you can. The rest belongs to fate. One may fall-at the beginning of the charge or at the top of the earthworks; but in no other way can he reach the rewards of victory.



Wanna hear the first single/video from Castro The Band? Here you go!:

Video by Castro the Band

You can see the vid full size over at their YouTube channel–and if you subscribe and turn on notifications (under “manage subscriptions,” which is under that little list-y icon-y thing on the left next to the YouTube logo), you can find out about new videos as soon as they come online.

(Or you can wait and see them here, of course.)

The first Vlog from Castro The Band!

In the restrained title on YouTube, this is…


Video by Castro The Band

If you’ve been following this space, you might have seen some of this before, but Do Not Miss–there’s a sneak peak from the music video in there!

You’ll also want to follow the band on Twitter.

That wasn’t a question–go and follow!

Follow this YouTube channel!

From Jason’s Facebook page:

As you may or may not know, I have been working on a new project with my brother and sister and I am VERY excited to announce that we now have a Youtube channel! We will be posting our FIRST blog next week, followed by a new music video of a song we wrote together. SUBSCRIBE NOW SO YOU DON”T MISS OUT!!!

So you don’t miss a thing, hop on over to their YouTube channel and subscribe.


Thanks for the heads-up, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!