Richardson, TX

Sunday, for a fall festival thing at Lake Pointe Church, and we have stuff ‘n’ things!

Pic from “Enough”:

Photo by Becky Vogt

Good Love:

Video by Becky Vogt

Only a Mountain:

Video by Becky Vogt

That’s What I’m Here For:

Video by Becky Vogt


Video by Becky Vogt

And for more pix and links to instagramlets (including a sound check clip) check out our forums. (I promise it’s safe to look.) (Really.)

Becky also committed excellent recap–catch it in our forums. (Really, how hard is it to click through?)


Thanks for the finds, Jasonized and ArtTeacher, and the pix and videos and recap, beckyvee!

Chappaqua, NY

Yet another show! Jason performed at the Grace Baptist Church Fall Festival this past Saturday, so we have pix…

Photo by Jason D. King

Photo by Cathy Anne

..bootleg, some, anyway! Good Love:

Video by 141rmc

And recaps IN OUR FORUMS. And there are more photos there, too…

(See how subtle I was there?)

Thanks for the recap and pix, someday59, for the same plus vid, marleys mom/Reenie, and for the finds, ArtTeacher!

Bolingbrook, IL

Jason performed in the Westbrook Christian Church in Illinois this past Saturday, and we have some bits ‘n’ snips from the interwebs…

A photographic bit:

photo by J_PeterStevens

A snip of You Are:

And some actual bootleg, woo!

Over the Rainbow, mit intro:

Video by Lois Simpson

I Believe:

Video by Lois Simpson

AND…we have recap! In our our forums–thank you so much, sierrach/Sue! There are also more photos there. #Thankyouverymuchforclickingthrough.

Thank you for the links, ArtTeacher and Jasonized, and thanks again for the recap and extra musical snippets, Sue/Sierrach!