Wichita Falls, TX–MSU

Jason opened this year’s Midwestern State University Artist Lecture Series this past Thursday night, but although there was a Copian in the house–and she was ready with her camera!–we don’t have bootleg because no photos or videos allowed. Sadness reigns.

However! The campus paper did post some before-during-and-after photos:

Reporter @lowellnash interviewing Jason Castro before he goes on stage at Akin. @MidwesternState #artistlectureseries pic.twitter.com/4HT3wNkh9U


(Photo from The Wichitan)

Jason Castro has come onstage at Akin auditorium. #mwsu Look for @lowellnash article at http://thewichitan.com pic.twitter.com/ChojMendiK


(Photo from The Wichitan)

The line to take a photo with Jason Castro goes all the back to the door. #MWSU pic.twitter.com/W0PHznRQle


(Photo from The Wichitan

And Jordan Critz (playing backup) also posted a good pic:

Playing a rad theatre tonight with @jasoncastromusic


Photo courtesy of Jordan Critz

We also have a great recap from our own crazydo–check it our in our forums. (Just do it, we don’t bite! Well, hardly ever…) AND there is that interview/article in The Wichitan; check it out at their website.

Thanks for the recap, crazydo, and for all the finds, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day!

Labor Day–that’s the [un]official end of summer in the US–sales, barbecues, flags and fun, right? Actually, what today is about is “Labor” as in organized labor. In 1898 (four years after Labor Day became a federal holiday), Samuel Gompers, head of the AFL, called Labor Day

the day for which the toilers in past centuries looked forward, when their rights and their wrongs would be discussed…that the workers of our day may not only lay down their tools of labor for a holiday, but upon which they may touch shoulders in marching phalanx and feel the stronger for it. (source)

So, on your way to your end-of-summer celebration, take a minute or two to think about (and maybe even discuss!) the courage and determination of the workers of the early American labor unions, who stood up to every kind of pressure up to and including armed violence, and without whom we wouldn’t have a 5-day work week, an 8-hour work day, limits on child labor, safe(r) working conditions, a minimum wage, and many other other aspects of working conditions in the US that we take for granted.

Right, now to party!