Ever wonder how Jason ends up doing all those charity galas?

From an article in The Ledger about the Shine a Light Gala (see sidebar–no, over on the right…yes, there!):

[…]Castro’s name came up during a meeting of the program’s advisory council to plan the fundraising weekend.

“I said, ‘Who do we need to have as our entertainment?’ and one council member immediately said, ‘Jason Castro,’ ” Hitchcock said. “He’s got a very strong Christian passion, and he was on ‘American Idol,’ and he really likes doing charity for children’s needs.”

Hitchcock said she contacted Castro’s manager, who said the singer is deeply concerned about the sex-trafficking issue, and Castro quickly agreed to perform at the gala.

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Jason was on Daystar the other day…

Jason comes on at about 16:00, first singing Only A Mountain, followed by an interview:

(If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, you can find the show behind this clicky link here.)

There are also pictures on Jason’s Facebook page from his appearance on the show.

ETA: And another video from the appearance–Enough, from The Green Room:

Thanks for the video find, ArtTeacher and beckyvee, and the photos and Green Room video, Jasonized!