Arms of Hope Fundraiser, San Antonio

There were Copians in the audience, so we have all manner of goodies!

Here’s an Instagram vid clip of I Believe:

Video by beckqv/beckyvee

And there’s already some bootleg…

Over the Rainbow is over on Facebook and so is this video of Hallelujah (so I can’t embed them here).

Good Love:

Video by Winnie Ontiveros

Only a Mountain:

Video by Winnie Ontiveros

If It’s Love:

Video by Winnie Ontiveros

Hallelujah, with special backup singers:

Video by Winnie Ontiveros

There’s a whole lotta more videos after the jump, so don’t miss those–and be sure to check out the 2014 Random Shows thread in our forum for photos and recaps and other sundries!

Thanks to beckyvee/Becky and Darlene and Winnie and sierrach and millie4Him for providing photos and recaps and VIDEO! and ArtTeacher and Jasonized and beckyvee for bringing us the links.

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